What is Xbox 360 memory card? perform you need it? In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard introduces Xbox 360 memory card and recommends several different drives to you. You deserve to use castle to expand Xbox 360 storage.

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Does Xbox 360 require Memory Card?

Xbox 360 was an initial released in 2007 and it was changed in 2013 through the Xbox One. Back it has been out of date, some human being still prefer to use it and it uses literally hundreds of games to users. A user reports that he constantly gets a pop-up blog post related to memory unit.

I bought a new slim because that 10 bucks. Everytime I begin a video game it asks me if I desire to save games on my hard drive or storage unit. What is that? ns don"t have anything in the USB ports. -- www.reddit.com

What is memory unit? It"s Xbox 360 storage card. As soon as the 360 come out, over there wasn"t USB Flash drive support. Earlier then there to be proprietary memory cards (Xbox 360 storage card) the you can buy because that the console.


The Xbox 360 memory card operated the same as a USB speed drive, but had very minimal storage capacity (usually in 64 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, etc) by modern standards. V a memory card, you can save plenty of game and system features, such as in-game success and gamer profiles.

At that time, some civilization might need to buy one Xbox 360 storage card. But in 2010, the company readjusted its policy and also rolled the end a mechanism update that permits any USB memory an equipment to be supplied for storage. Therefore, nowadays, people don"t must buy proprietary Xbox 360 memory cards.

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USB journey Recommendations

The Xbox 360 has actually three USB 2.0 ports, with two top top the front covert under a small door and one ~ above the back. You can plug USB warehouse (flash cd driver or tough drives) into any type of or all of these port to increase the Xbox 360 storage. In this part, I will recommend two quality flash cd driver for your Xbox 360.

1. SanDisk Ultra Flair


SanDisk is the leading surname in memory storage. Undoubtedly, SanDisk Ultra Flair is a dependable product for her Xbox 360. This speed drive assures data transfer speeds up to 15X quicker than various other USB 2.0 (the maximum USB support on Xbox 306) drives. It have the right to transfer a full movie in under 30 seconds.

In addition, SanDisk even throws in that SecureAccess software, which enables files to it is in password defended with 128-bit AES encryption. The firm also provides up come 2GB that online file backup. This journey is worth buying.

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2. PNY Attaché


PNY Technologies focuses on delivering great storage options with minimum fuss. PNY Attaché is a an easy but reliable USB flash drive. Thanks to an had loop, this drive can fit onto a keychain.

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In addition, PNY has contained a sliding collar instead of a more traditional journey cap, which stops customers from losing the cap and damaging the USB connector during travel.

Other Tips:

If you want to broaden Xbox 360 storage, girlfriend can add external difficult drives or upgrade the internal hard drive to bigger one. If so, i recommend friend to read the following post: