The 1927 S version of the standing Liberty quarter is precious on average $6,500.00 if in Mint State (uncirculated), if one in bad condition will have actually a value of just $30.00.If the coin has actually an error, or is certified this will further include to the appeal and also raise it"s price numismatically speaking.

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Year: 1927 Mint: S Type: was standing Liberty 4 minutes 1 Mintage: 396,000Metal: 90% silver- 10% CopperWhat"s the worth?: $6,500.00 come $30.00

The 1927 S stand Liberty quarter dollar is among the most valuable of every the 1900"s quarters. In MS-65 certified problem it has actually regularly sold for between $5,000 and 7,000 USD.

Full head execution of this coin make the price skyrocket even further. Complete Head 1927 S stand Liberty Quarters have sold for more than $150,000, but they are rare.

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Top coins in this series. List price based turn off high end problems that have actually been certified.

1916 was standing Liberty Quarter
1927 S standing Liberty Quarter
1923 S standing Liberty Quarter

Known errors. Coins in order by date. Come learn an ext about each error simply click on the read an ext link.

Tear Drop E & M dice Clash
Tear Drop dice errors are found and certified on numerous of the stand Liberty Quarters...
E & M dice Clash error or E die Clash error ~ above obverse gown....

Rare Coins. Vital and Semi-Key days to remember. Based upon various factors.

1923 S 1921 1916 full Head
1923 S is crucial or Semi crucial date. Low finish coins worth hundreds...
1921 standing Liberty is crucial date precious hundreds also in reduced conditions....
1916 to be the first year the was standing Liberty quarters were issued. These space consider...
Full Head Details in hair, eyes, sleep make this coin worth 3x to 6x more....


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Standing Liberty Quarter

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Standing Liberty Quarter


typical Questions
Where is the Mint note located?

Mint note is located on the prior (obverse) ~ above the bottom in between the date and the critical star. D (Denver) and also S (San Francisco) mint marks room present. If not mint mark it way the coin was minted in Philadelphia


Who is ~ above the was standing Liberty Quarter

Lady Liberty also sometimes referred to as Goddess the Liberty generally seen holding an olive branch and also or knife to signify she to be willing come make item or war.


How lot Does it Weigh?

The stand Liberty Quarter has a load of 6.25 g.

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