Not lot to write-up about, but do need response to a question from part one that knows about these species of things. Went earlier to a park today. Well, the park, little town. I must have actually hit the finest section critical time, because there wasn"t lot there today. I did destruction a large ring i beg your pardon looks yellow plated. Ns noticed the silver shade to the ring before I i found it the rubber stamp on the inside which says 18 KT HGE. Ns think the last letter is an "E", but I"m no certain. The ring has actually a design, of stones, top top it that looks type of choose a key. 9 stones collection up choose a tic tac toe board, through three more stones to the right, favor the center line of an additional tic tac toe board. Three of the stones space missing, consisting of what is supposed to it is in the huge one in the center of the 9. Any type of chance of this ring having any value?


Mar 14, 200762042FLOR DI DADetector(s) usedACE 250, EXCALIBUR 1000, traveler SE, E-TRAC, GTI 2500, V3, PI PROPrimary Interest:All treasure Hunting

Oct 3, 20063,102134Wartburg, Tennessee, U.S.A.Detector(s) usedGarrett Ace 250, Tesoro Tiger Shark, Garrett in ~ ProPrimary Interest:All sweetheart Hunting
Hey 1996, the was fast.... You certain didn"t wait lengthy to discover a ring. They will certainly come more often currently is my guess. Ns agree that HGE is hefty gold electroplate. Nice find, keep on diggin!!!DANGLANGLEY

Jul 10, 20081,17868Federal Way, WADetector(s) usedV3i, DFX, Beachhunter IDPrimary Interest:All endowment Hunting
Yes, the men are right. They quit using the HGE engraving in about 1970 as it was misleading those who thought it was much more than simply a plating.

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Danglangley, I"ve uncovered a few rings before, yet this is the closest I"ve concerned a "real" one though. I discovered three or four in one day, around a month or for this reason ago. One was a skull and cross bones, prefer a biker would wear; it"s no in great shape though. Still in search of that gold.
it will certainly come buddy! that day will come if your persistant . Mental it have the right to come up together pulltab or foil. Willy.

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crackbadger, I view you usage an ace 250. Perform you use any discrimination v it in jewelry mode if you"re digging many trash.
Mar 14, 200762042FLOR DI DADetector(s) usedACE 250, EXCALIBUR 1000, traveler SE, E-TRAC, GTI 2500, V3, PI PROPrimary Interest:All endowment Hunting
Hey Brother, I usually run in the tradition mode just taking out the signals i dont want. A couple thing you require to recognize are the gold reads together a pulltab and 5cent piece on the ACE for this reason you must dig them and not pass, i m sorry most people do is pass LOL and then asking why they havent found any kind of gold. Her ring is definately plated, but atleast you obtained a yellow plated ring, some peeps space still waiting to discover that. Ns recommend gaining the trash girlfriend do find that friend dont desire to destruction anymore and scan one good time and see what that reading. I typically run in the custom mode taking the end foil,iron and that about it, depending upon what area im in. If you just want to discover gold take the end all signals except for the 5cent and pulltab, however keep in mind if objects are at poor angles or they happen to it is in by a penny the signal probably mixed and also you may pass thinking its junk. So be careful and also have fun! any more questions pm in me!!Crackbadger