This gas calculator is a handy tool for every driver who, as soon as planning a trip, asks how much gas will I use? We prepared the gas estimator to aid you find out how much fuel girlfriend will usage on a car trip and also how lot it will cost you.

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Our gas price calculator is versatile and offers much more then other web-based fuel cost calculators (e.g. Splitting the gas cost). All you need is to go into the driving distance and the mean fuel economy of your car - then, every the math is excellent automatically! In fact, her biggest concern will be how much gas costs at her nearest gas station.

That's no all, though. In the matching article, you can uncover information about gas price today, gas price history, and gas price increase. Also, examine out the ideal fuel economic climate cars and also how to execute eco-drive properly. Finally, a user-friendly tutorial will certainly ensure you're making use of the gas calculator properly.

How lot gas will certainly I use?

Our gas estimator operates on a very straightforward premise:

Determine the distance you are around to travel. Let's speak 295 km.Find out what's your fuel economy. Let's use 8 l/100km.To job-related out just how much fuel girlfriend will use in total, division your street by 100 (because we room looking at the fuel use every 100 km), so: 295 / 100 = 2.95 and also then multiply it by friend combustion, so by 8: 2.95 * 8 = 23.6. Now you know that friend will use 23.6 liters that fuel.

If we desire to take it this one step further and find out just how much this expedition will cost us:

Determine the price that the fuel. Let's say 1.6 €/L.To find out the full price, multiply the full amount of fuel you will use by its price, so: 23.6 together * 1.6 €/L = €37.76.Now you know just how to calculate the fuel use and its expense on your own, or you can use our gas calculator to do it so much easier and also faster!

Splitting the gas cost

We finally know the answer to the question: how much gas will certainly I use? However, we often travel with other passengers, so over there is no need to pay because that gas only by ourselves, we can break-up the cost among all passengers instead. Every those calculations have the right to be functioning awkward, so, to preventive you the time and effort, ours gas calculator can do it for you:

Find out the total fuel cost. Let's usage the example over of €37.76.Determine just how many human being are there. Let's say 4.Divide the full price through the number of people to job-related out each person's share: €37.76 / 4 = €9.44 or let our gas estimator perform it for you!

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There is sometimes a situation when you need to convert liters right into gallons, be it united state gallons or UK gallons. Let's be honest, nobody has ever before learned to carry out it by heart, so we always seek the end help, greatly online. Our gas calculator has the choice of no only selecting whether you desire to counting liters or gallons but likewise what is the street unit - kilometers, miles, etc. However, we encourage girlfriend to usage our mpg converter for converting between liters and also gallons.

If you want to walk deeper right into the topic, check out our rate calculator which encounters the trinity of time, distance and also speed. The acceleration calculator, top top the various other hand, tells you how the velocity changes over time or just how a given force impacts an object of a offered mass.

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Cost that gas


Every auto user spends money on gas. It is among the many noticeable vehicle-related expenses. You deserve to drive a vehicle which has old tires, but without a full fuel tank, you will certainly not take trip far. So, the is noticeable that us quickly an alert any rise in fuel price. According to the American auto Association (AAA), the typical driver safety $3000 ~ above fuel annually.

Gasoline prices space not identified just through the price of rudely oil. Let's take a closer look in ~ it. Follow to the Energy Information management (EIA), the mean price that a gallon of constant gas in might 2014 was about $3.67. For the main of June 23, it would set you back $3.70. A French driver would have actually paid roughly $7.83, a british one $8.94. In Norway, i m sorry produces 1.8 million barrels of oil every day, a gallon the gas got to $9.90.

Gas prices and taxes

According to the EIA data from might 2014, the prices of developing crude oil account for only 65% that the mean gas price. The following 12% space taxes (federal, state and local), an additional 11% distribution and also marketing. Refining accounts for around 13% that the petrol price.

A big part of the gas price is taxes. The U.S. Commonwealth government established an 18.4 cents tax on gasoline and 24.4 cent on diesel. Without taxes, a gallon of gasoline is an ext expensive in the USA 보다 in the U.K. ($3.18) and also France ($3.37). There are likewise local and also state taxes come consider. According to the Tax Foundation, if you are buying gas in new York State, you would certainly pay the greatest taxes in America (50.6 cent per gallon in 2013). The lowest are in Alaska, where many of America's oil originates from - they are 8 cents.

Gas price history

Below girlfriend will discover the retail price of constant gasoline in the United says from 1990 to 2017 (in U.S. Dollars per gallon). Check the fluctuations of a gas price end the last seventeen years.

Year Price Year Price
2017 2.42 2003 1.56
2016 2.14 2002 1.35
2015 2.43 2001 1.42
2014 3.36 2000 1.48
2013 3.51 1999 1.14
2012 3.62 1998 1.03
2011 3.52 1997 1.20
2010 2.78 1996 1.20
2009 2.35 1995 1.11
2008 3.25 1994 1.08
2007 2.80 1993 1.07
2006 2.57 1992 1.09
2005 2.27 1991 1.10
2004 1.85 1990 1.30

Gas price increase

Gas prices room not stable and they tend to fluctuate over time. These variations might be moved by plenty of different factors e.g. Consumer fears end refining capacity. There are also economic factors, for instance non-stable geopolitical case (especially close to oil-producing nations) or the risk of an oil-supply interruption.

To illustrate this principle, let's go ago in time to 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit much of the refining capacity follow me the Gulf Coast. Countless refineries had to it is in closed, what resulted in a diminish in oil supply and, automatically, a high rise in gas prices. The year has started with the average monthly gas price at level $2.27 and also finished in ~ $2.76 however within the basic upward trend. In September, there to be a height up to $3.47 because of fears around the gasoline supply - this is the an initial time in background when gas prices gone beyond the $3-threshold.

Even despite the supply has actually met the need shorty after, gasoline companies weren't skinny to reduced the prices, as their customers got used to new prices. Together a result, the price that gasoline has been preserved high due to the fact that the hurricane.

Gas price today

According come the Energy info Administration, USA produces about 12% of the world's oil, what quantities to 2.7 exchange rate barrels every day. That makes the unified States one of the significant oil-producing countries, up there v the likes of Saudi Arabia and Russia. However, the U.S. Is likewise one that the best consumers of petrol on a every capita basis, with roughly 1.22 gallons of gas per human daily. Petrol is frequently regarded together a crucial driver the a country's economy. It is the main fuel provided in passenger vehicles and the automotive fleets of little and large businesses.

Let's take a look at on a global gasoline price comparison (in U.S. Dollars per gallon). The data originates from April 16th, 2018. Fuel prices differ from a few cents to end 7 dollars per gallon. Gas price in the U.S. Placed at the level of $2.99, when in Germany it to be considerably higher - $6.43. We have the right to observe that generally, gas prices in Europe room much greater than in America. Norway is the infamous human being leader in gas prices v $7.82 per gallon. This is end 2.6 times an ext than in USA and... 261 times much more than in Venezuela ($0.03).



Fuel economy

We all wish we didn't need to spend so much on gas, and would choose to keep that money in our wallets instead. Inspect out the tips below if you desire to save more money if fueling your car:

Check price online - nowadays, over there are numerous websites that carry out daily updated gas prices in her neighborhood. Spending a small bit that time on one Internet inspect will enable you to plan a course for a gas prevent at the station with the finest prices. Shot to perform it because that a month or two, and also you will notice which stations repeatedly offer reduced prices, and which have tendency to progressive them.

Stay away from the highway - the stations i beg your pardon are located close to huge roads are frequently the simplest to reach and also prompt girlfriend their an excellent quality coffee and meals. Store in mental that most likely you will pay much more (sometimes much more) just due to the fact that of the an excellent location the the business.

Small, personal stations - room a great alternative. Owners room not affiliated with big brands i beg your pardon take several of the income since of brand recognition. Top quality of gas has to be compliant through standards, so friend shouldn't it is in concerned about it.

Plan your purchase - shot to avoid the situation when you will certainly be required to to fill up through the fuel indicator on your dashboard. You would probably need to stop in ~ the nearest gas station; hopefully not one close come the highway.

Join the society partnership - most gas suppliers offer society partnerships. Gift a club member allows you come recoup some money if friend refuel at your gas stations regularly. Usually, you collect points once filling up, and then you have the right to exchange them because that discounts or gifts.



Because of increasing fuel prices much more and an ext motorists are mindful of acquiring the maximum effectiveness from their car. Eco-driving is a method of driving that reduces fuel consumption, gas emissions, and also accident rates. This ax is the synonym come driving in a smart, smooth and also safe means that leader to an average fuel save of 5-10%. Store in mind - good steering is eco-driving.

If you space interested, monitor the rule below:

Maintain a steady rate at low RPM:Drive gently, using the highest possible gear at short RPM. Prevent driving at extreme speeds. Shot to keep the speed steady and also avoid unnecessary braking and also acceleration.

Shift up early:Change to a higher gear at around 2000 RPM.

Check tires pressures frequently:Ensure her tires are correctly inflated. Short tire push is a safety and security risk and waste of fuel.

Avoid dead weight and aerodynamic drag:Remove hefty objects the you don't usage from your automobile (for certain you have some). Also, store windows closed when driving on the motorway - it help to improve the fuel economy.

Use air-conditioning sparingly:Using the AC unnecessarily is a garbage of money, since keeping it on boosts the fuel consumption.

Share her car:One the the best ideas to save money. Just one extr passenger would mitigate your trip prices by 50%.

Best fuel economy cars

“New vehicles market the latest designs, cutting-edge technologies, and warranties the offer tranquility of mind, but, vehicle owners that choose to readjust vehicles generally should it is in thinking about the resale worth – not just the acquisition price – when selecting their next ride.”John Nielsen, American auto Association's (AAA) regulating director the Automotive Engineering and also Repair.

Latest yearly AAA’s analysis shows a transition in consumers' preferences. We have the right to observe an boosted appetite because that SUVs cars and also pickup trucks and also a decreased demand for sedans.

It results in a higher depreciation prices (up to 13% in comparison to last year) of these ex-popular cars. Electric and also hybrid vehicles have additionally increased in their popularity - 20 percent of americans (15% in the previous year) to speak they are likely to buy one electric vehicle as their following vehicle. The is no surprising - steering "green" dare is going come be much more and more affordable. The is since of much reduced fuel and maintenance charges.

Research conducted by AAA mirrors the average expense of owning and also operating a new vehicle in 2018. The examine is based upon the price of fuel, maintenance, repairs, insurance, and taxes. 45 top-selling 2018 version year cars to be taken into account across nine categories. The data bases top top 15,000 miles driven annually.

Vehicle type Annual cost mean $8,849
small sedan $6,777
medium sedan $8,866
large sedan $9,804
small SUV $7,869
medium SUV $9,697
minivan $9,677
pickup truck $10,215
hybrid $7,485
electric vehicle $8,384

New cars room attractive come buyers because of the newest an innovation and electronics inside, assorted accessories, and also a multitude of construction options. However, they room not the ideal economical an option for part customers. Because that those who look for alternatives to new car property or means to minimize operating costs should take a look in ~ the advice below:

Buy a pre-owned car - contempt used car in good condition is an affordable choice. Ownership prices are substantially lower, and the vehicle can still it is in safe, reliable, and also perfect because that driving.

Fuel responsibly - stop wasting money ~ above premium grade gasoline (unless your vehicle requires it) and also on tanking on high-quality gas stations (e.g., those near highways).

Take care of your car - in general, security money on regime maintenance will save your money.

Drive eco - once gas price rise, tiny changes in your driving style could make a significant difference for her wallet.

Cars with great gas mileage used to have a reputation for being underpowered and small. However, the latest technologies, indigenous plug-in hybrids to weight-saving actions and new solutions used to engines construction, helped to adjust it. Nowadays, it means that almost any kind of car can be efficient without compromising space, comfort, or fun. Take a look in ~ the top 15 ideal fuel economic situation cars:

Toyota Prius prime (2018)Hyundai Ioniq PHEV (2018)Honda Clarity PHEV (2018)Chevrolet Volt (2018)Kia Niro PHEV (2018)Kia Optima PHEV (2018)Hyundai Ioniq Blue (2018)Toyota Prius Eco (2018)Toyota Camry Hybrid LE (2018)Kia Niro FE (2018)Honda Accord Hybrid (2017)Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid (2018)Ford fusion Hybrid (2018)Hyundai Sonata SE Hybrid (2018)Kia Optima Hybrid (2018)

Cost the gas for trip

You room planning a trip, and you are wondering exactly how to obtain there. Usually, if the distance is not also big, traveling by automobile is fast and comfortable. Moreover, it is often cheaper 보다 flying or also taking a train. But is that always? detect the answer requires the present price of gasoline, your automobile fuel efficiency, the distance, and some various other road fees.

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While plan a trip by a car, an initial you should uncover out what your vehicle fuel economic climate is. Then, knowing the trip distance, you have the right to use the fuel cost calculator and also easily discover if is it affordable because that you to use a automobile for the trip. Remember, girlfriend can easily reduce costs of gas by recognize cheap gas train station on the means and through taking more friends v you, who can chip in because that the fuel.