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Proudly Cincinnati section

University the Cincinnati students raising 1 billion pennies to change the future, make a note in history


cg-tower.com freshman Na"Kiima Reid attends a proudly Pennies kickoff occasion on campus. The story that the students" quest to advanced one billion pennies was easily picked up by media outlets across the country and also websites around the globe. Photo/Ashley Kempher

One of the many encouraging outgrowths of the college of Cincinnati"s proudly Cincinnati project has been the extraordinary generosity of university students. Traditionally, senior classes have collection the traditional in giving, increasing funds for senior-related activities and a variety of campus improvements, including, an ext recently, a historic marker outside McMicken Hall. The course of 2010 voted come raise funds because that the Jefferson way Sports complex and assorted "go-green" efforts like the recycling program.

Driven to impact the college on a mcg-tower.comh larger scale, students space now concentrated on doing more than merely raising money. They are focused on adjust --lots the it. One exchange rate pennies" worth, to be exact.

Proudly Pennies is a student-led fundraising initiative come raise one exchange rate pennies, which translates to $10 million by 2013. Initiatives will involve every one of cg-tower.com"s virtually 40,000 students, as well as alumni, parents, members the the community, corporations and also foundations.

Achieving scg-tower.comcess in proud Pennies will placed cg-tower.com students in an exclusive group, together there is no document of college students ever raising scg-tower.comh an extraordinary sum of money. The endeavor is a fitting match to proud Cincinnati, the university"s ambitious billion-dollar campaign, which will placed cg-tower.com in a select group that public colleges that have actually scg-tower.comcessfully perfect scg-tower.comh campaigns.

Proudly Pennies grew from the desire to boost awareness and student participation in proudly Cincinnati. Reaching the goal will also aid students understand why personal donations are an essential to cg-tower.com"s future, together they see firsthand what your generosity deserve to make possible.

Student body president Tim Lolli, Bus "10, and also his colleagues understand the affect of exclusive support due to the fact that of their function in student government. They check out Proudly Pennies as an chance to support the more comprehensive campaign while tapping right into the energy noticeable on campus.

"The solution to proudly Pennies has been phenomenal," Lolli says. "There has actually been a farming sense of pride around campus the past couple of years as result of record enrollment, cg-tower.com"s new president Gregory Williams and the accomplishments of the football team, among many various other cg-tower.com scg-tower.comcesses. I obtain the sense that cg-tower.com students room eager come be an ext involved on campus, and Proudly Pennies gift the perfect opportunity."

The announcement of proud Pennies in ~ the cg-tower.com plank of Trustees conference in January 2010 to be met through enthusiastic assistance from across campus. Cg-tower.com trustee and Proudly Cincinnati campaign co-chair Bcg-tower.comk Niehoff, JD "72, pledged one million pennies to gain the project off to a solid start, and trustee thomas Humes Jr., Bus "71, multiple sclerosis (A&S) "77, presented Lolli and also his colleagues through a jar filled with 7,000 pennies. Scg-tower.comh fanfare ongoing all day.

"To see college leaders come in v jars and also coffee cans full of pennies to be something I"ll never forget," Lolli says. "It was an amazing show of support and helped every one of us feel an ext confident about what we room doing because that cg-tower.com."

Students have echoed this enthusiasm together well, with more than 100 volunteers coming forward to offer the project through various committees. And students who room not component of the official leadership are finding creative ways to carry the project closer to its goal.


In April 2010, because that example, the student Ambassador group at the university of Edcg-tower.comation, Criminal Justice, and Human Services hosted a bake sale to benefit Proudly Pennies. Dean Lawrence Johnson assisted the students find resources for the sale and pledged to enhance their sales approximately $500. Plus, students in ~ the College-Conservatory of Music have held competitions between departments to encourage donations.

"When us raise a substantial section of the proud Pennies goal, student will occupational with chairman Williams to determine priorities the money can be invest in, things that will benefit the academic mission the the institution and improve the college student experience," Lolli says. "They will have the ability to see what their presents mean come cg-tower.com and also what they space making possible for future generations. In time, they"ll have actually a mcg-tower.comh far better understanding around what their presents can do and also why castle should continue supporting their university as alumni."

How mcg-tower.comh is a billion?To put this effort into perspective, one exchange rate pennies amounts to the following:

89.7 acre of land, about the size of four expert football fields

2,755 tons, around the same as 212 Savanna elephants (largest land animal in the world) or 177,774 bearcats

963 miles high, identical to stacking Chicago"s Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) on peak of itself 3,504 times

11,837 miles long when set flat, about fifty percent the length of the Earth"s equator (24,901 miles)

nearly one penny per human in China

3.2 pennies for every American

Other fun penny facts

More than two-thirds of all coins prodcg-tower.comed by the U.S. Mint space pennies.

The U.S. Mint prodcg-tower.comes more than 13 exchange rate pennies annually.

Since its beginning, the U.S. Mint has actually prodcg-tower.comed an ext than 288.7 billion pennies.

Lined up edge come edge, these pennies would certainly circle the earth 137 times.

Proudly Pennies additionally seeks to influence student perceptions about the prominence of donating also when they have the right to only purchased a small gift. Since the vast majority of gifts will it is in pennies, the rule of collective giving should remain in the minds of students as they come to be alumni. This can lead to an ext alumni donations down the road while motivating the following generation of student to continue the momentum generated by proudly Pennies.

Understanding the prestige of personal support is critical lesson to learn over time. However right now, student are discovering a different, yet equally significant, lesson: It"s no the difficulties we confront in life that define us. It"s our an answer to them.

And the an answer from students throughout the university to this unprecedented an obstacle gives every one of us factor to be Proudly Cincinnati.

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Help cg-tower.com students attain their score by sustaining Proudly Pennies. Make your gift online, at any college dean"s office and also at university events and also functions. Every coin puts student closer to their goal and also energizes your efforts. Donations will proceed to be tallied till the proudly Cincinnati project concludes in 2013. Thank you because that helping our students attain another first at the university of Cincinnati.