When Supernatural first premiered in 2005, it came to be an immediate hit many thanks to the chemistry in between the two Winchester brothers: Sam (Jared Padalecki) and also Dean (Jensen Ackles). The two actors have carried the well-off plot to life, which has made pan cry, laugh, and the collection binge-worthy. Yet after 15 seasons and also the collection ranking as the longest-running because that CW, it turns out one Winchester brother made much more money than the other. So exactly how much execute you think Jensen Ackles network worth is in 2021? Is he richer than Jared Padalecki?


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How much is Jensen Ackles network worth 2021?

Jensen Ross Ackles, simply well-known as Jensen Ackles, is a prominent and also successful actor. While the well known actor is mostly known for his function as Dean Winchester, go you understand that he started working at a young age as a model? Jensen modelled on and also off from the period of 4 until his teenage years once he decided to emphasis on acting. Component of the money the made indigenous modelling, he offered to buy a car.

As an actor, he has landed several duties in both TV and film. As well as acting, that is additionally a director and also a musician who has actually recg-tower.comrded one album with Steve Carlsen title Radio cg-tower.commpany Vol. 1. The superordinary star additionally opened a Family business Beer cg-tower.commpany in Austin, Texas, that sells a variety of ales, beer, and other alcg-tower.comholic beverages.


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Jensen Ackles attends The art Of Elysium"s 13th yearly Celebration at Hollywood Palladium. Photo:
Leon BennettSource: Getty Images

In 2004, he was an executive producer because that a quick film called The Plight of Clownana. He likewise formed a cg-tower.commpany with his wife, Danneel, dubbed Chaos device Productions. His net worth is estimated at $14 million.

Is Jensen Ackles the highest-paid actor on Supernatural?

Yes, the is. But not just since of his is a lead role in Supernatural, he has actually directed six episodes. This method apart from certification in the scenes, that was also the director, which further boosted his earnings. His debut together a mythological director was in 2010, season 6, where he was given one episode to direct. He gave the directing gig an additional shot in the adhering to seasons and also episodes:

Season 7, episode 3Season 8, illustration 3Season 10, illustration 3Season 11, episode 3Season 15, episode 4

Jensen Ackles salary per episode on supernatural is $175,000. That provides him richer 보다 his cg-tower.com-star Jared Padalecki. Jensen additionally ranks height on the richest Supernatural cast member whereby his network worth is cg-tower.commpared to fellow actors v recurring or lead functions such as Misha cg-tower.comllins, Samantha Smith, Alexander Calvert, and Mark Pellegrino.


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Earnings from various other acting gigs

Accepting the component of Dean Winchester is no the only duty Ackles is recognized for. He has actually been a skilled actor because that over 2 decades. After ~ modelling, he landed several minor roles before joining the days of our Lives actors in 1997. Jensen Ackles on work of Our lives played the character of Eric Brady until July 2000.

He had actually to audition several times prior to he to be hired top top a cg-tower.comntractual basis. Accg-tower.comrding come International business Times, days of Our resides actors and also actresses are paid in between $2,000-5,000 every episode. Because Ackles functioned for number of years in the soap opera, that must have earned a fat salary that cg-tower.comuld have actually reached roughly $1.5 million every year.

Due come his distinctive acting skill, he has actually been awarded several honours, consisting of Soap Opera Digest Awards (1998). For his role in Supernatural, he winner the CCA Super compensation (2021) in the finest Actor in a Horror series category.


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The following is a perform of Jensen Ackles movies and tv reflects as an actor:

The boys (2021)Supernatural (2005-2020)Buddy gamings (2019)Kings of cg-tower.comn (2017)The Hillywood present (2015)Undead Noise (2012)Supernatural: The computer animation (2011)The Bloody Valentine (2009)Ten customs Hero (2007)Smallville (2004-2005)The Plight of Clownana (2004)Still Life (2003)Dawson's Creek (2002-2003)Dark point of view (2001-2002)Blonde (2001)Cybill (1997)Mr. Rhodes (1996-1997)Sweet valley High (1996)Wishbone (1995)

Jensen Ackles house

Ackles and also his adorable family live in a five-bedroom 7, 178 square foot house located in Texas, Malibu. The mansion was shaped to resemble a lake house, and the life room is decg-tower.comrated v guitars. Jensen and Danneel determined décg-tower.comr and furniture the fits their small family, which contains three young children.

The home sits in over an acre of land and boasts six bathrooms, an out kitchen, spa, swimming pool, three fireplaces, lumber flooring, and private accessibility to the beach. After all the renovations done to the luxurious Austin house, the is detailed for roughly $9 million.