Michael Kay has actually reportedly got to a transaction to continue to be with the Yankees and the correctly Network.(cg-tower.com advancement Media)



If you are a Michael Kay fan, this day is a good day. If you are tired of the long-time play-by-play voice and face of the Yankees on the yes Network, well, get collection for many an ext years the his calls.

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According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, Kay and the Yankees have actually agreed to a transaction to save the broadcaster in tow top top a irreversible contract. The details room astonishing.

Michael Kay will be the Yankees play-by-player for the following three years and also maybe longer, sources have actually told The Post.

Kay and YES Network are putting the finishing touches on a three-year contract through a network alternative for 2 more. The deal calls because that a salary of an ext than a million dollars per season.

Kay is thought to be the highest-paid neighborhood baseball announcer in the game. He took the mantle when fellow Fordham alum Vin Scully retired from the Dodgers ~ the 2016 season.

Yes, Kay is the highest-paid regional announcer in the sport--and has been for a couple of years. Yet throw in a value of end one million per season and also this i do not care a reality: Kay will certainly make much more from the Yankees this season 보다 Luis Severino, Gary Sanchez or Aaron Judge.

"I don't see any type of end in sight," Kay said The Post. "I want to save doing this as lengthy as I want to and also as long as they desire me to."

Kay will proceed to host his afternoon drive show on 98.7 ESPN. In the latest ratings, Kay and also his crew to be beat through the return that Mike Francesa on WFAN.

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