Alternator fix Cost

Alternators room a critical component in vehicles. The alternator helps strength the electrical system of your vehicle while the engine is running. Without a fully functional alternator, everything from the automobile heater and also airbags, come the break system and power steering could start to fail. At an early stage signs the a faulty alternator are gauges flickering and also headlights ending up being dim.

component and job Cost

The exact price of a new alternator really depends on what vehicle you have. ~ above average, you need to expect a expense in the an ar of $200 come $600. Follow to a repair pal estimate it is more likely around $400 to $600. That is very recommended you purchase a new or manufacturer rebuilt alternator.

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Below we have contained a table with the component costs that 5 original tools alternators because that a 2007 BMW X5, a 2009 evade Sprinter, 2008 Mercedes Benz E350, 2007 BMW 750 and a 2004 BMW X5. Because that comparison"s sake, we have noted the perform price and price that original equipment alternators because that these cars, as you see you can expect much lower prices on 보다 at a dealership who prices room usually closer to list than an elevation shop.


VehicleOEM (Original devices Manufacturer) NumberList PriceOur PriceLabor Time (hrs)Independent Shops Estimate national Avg Labor price ($100/HR)Dealerships Estimate nationwide Avg Labor price ($130/HR)2007 BMW X52009 dodge Sprinter2008 Mercedes Benz E3502007 BMW 7502004 BMW X5
VehicleDealership fix CostDIY through BAP
Year, make & ModelList PriceLabor expense ($130/HR)Total CostOur PriceSavings
19121626$828.683$300.00$286.00 (2.2 hrs)$1114.68$495.00$619.68
19121626$595.003$300.00$260.00 (2 hrs)$855.00$425.00$430.00
19121626$1620.003$300.00$143.00 (1.1 hrs)$1763.00$415.00$1348.00
19121626$470.853$300.00$377.00 (2.9 hrs)$847.85$375.00$472.85
19121626$670.853$300.00$208.00 (1.6 hrs)$878.85$275.00$603.85