How much Does it price to download a house Bowling Alley? Your finish Pricing Guide

Oct, 13 2020

You’re do the efforts to build the house of her dreams. You’ve been saving to add all the amenities that will certainly make it that much cooler. Probably you’ll add a pool, or a house theater, or a sauna.

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If you’re investing in producing the perfect home, you’re walking to desire to encompass a home bowling alley expense in her budget. Remember all those nostalgic nights bowling through friends or on first dates?

Bowling is a fun and also casual activity for any time, and also wouldn’t it it is in so much better if the was right in your own house?

Seriously, imagine the next you might throw. You’d be the favorite house in the neighborhood.

Or maybe you’re a bowling connoisseur looking to finallyget a 300and in require of a home practice space. One of two people way, you’re ready to make an in-home bowling alley happen.

Keep reading for every the information you’ll need around a home bowling alley cost.


Building a Bowling Alley

Depending ~ above the budget for your bowling alley, there room various alternatives for every the parts you’ll must include. Think about your very own bowling alley experiences, and decide which factors, designs, and extras were worth having.


A traditional bowling lane, consisting of the space for few of the equipment and bowling balls, is around 88 feet. Any type of room you decision to build your bowling alley in will require at the very least this much room in length.

However, it’s recommended that you setup for a room with about 100 feet in length, so there is space for a seating area in ~ the peak of the lane.

Scoring and also Monitors

How high-tech execute you want your score-keeping to it is in on your house bowling alley?

If you trying to continue to be within a tighter budget, pen and record scorecards deserve to do the job. If she going all out, you have the right to install tablets for scoring and monitors above the lanes so everyone can keep track of the scores.


Simple white pins are a classic look for a bowling alley. There are also lots the design and also customization choices if you want something a little different.

If you have a family members logo or crest, you can gain that published on your pins. Or, her bowling alley pins can represent your favorite soccer or basketball team.

You can even try to get a custom photograph printed on her pins (maybe the hilarious one of your kid making a face after make the efforts a lemon critical year). The choices are endless.

Ball Return

Another standard feature of bowling alleys is the ball return technologies. It’s no a true bowling alley experience without wait for your ball to role on ago to you. The is, however, another cost to consider in the style process.


If you have actually young kids, or if there will be lots of amateur bowlers play at your home bowling alley, you might want to consider purchasing bumpers in your initial build.

Bumpers aid promote learning and also enthusiasm for new bowlers because, let’s be honest, rolling right into the gutter every time it s okay boringreallyquickly. Save the funny going for the entirety family v bumpers.


You don’t necessarily have actually to think about buying timeless bowling shoes because that your home alley, yet you can want to think about it.

Especially if you have actually friends coming end to key or tiny children who desire to come to play, having actually bowling shoes accessible will be valuable for a number of reasons.

Bowling shoes permit for smoother movement throughout the slick bowling lane. Bare feet or day-to-day shoes can gain stuck ~ above the lane and also can potentially cause injuries native sticking and tripping.

The bowling shoes also help protect the slick roadway surface. Dirt, debris, and other outside materials ~ above a bowling lane can compromise and also ruin it. A ruined bowling lane also method potentially payment to fix and also re-polish it.

Bowling Balls

When you acquire your bowling alley installed, you may have the ability to include bowling balls in your purchase.

Or, if you’re not considered around having new bowling balls, girlfriend can always surf the internet and keep a lookout for provided bowling balls that can do the trick.


Seating is another aspect that isn’t strictly forced when building a bowling alley. Having actually some standard bowling alley couches and also seating yes, really brings the whole atmosphere that your home alley together, though.

If that’s no your style, you can scour regional resale pages and yard sales for the perfect, mix-and-match seating for her bowling alley. With the best amount of patience, you have the right to make her dream bowling alley pertained to life.

Ball Ramp

If component of your motivation for installing a home bowling alley is toteach her kidshow come bowl, a sphere ramp might come in handy.

Ball ramps aid kids reap the game without needing to hold a hefty bowling ball or focus on the correct kind right away. This helps keep the funny alive while children are learning.

If you have actually the ideal materials, you can try tobuild your own ball ramp. Be mindful of what products you decide to use due to the fact that bowling balls will break right through particular construction materials like cardboard.


Home Bowling Alley Cost

Another element to consider is how numerous lanes you desire in your residence bowling alley. The more lanes girlfriend want, the higher the cost of building and construction will be.

Other factors to think about are the form and modern technology of the equipment:

perform they desire something “family fun” or perform they want something “boutique chic”

carry out they desire Media mask projection video screens or miscellaneous simple.

LED touch screen to manage the lanes and also scoring or do they simply want a typical keypad.

carry out they desire a $16,500.00 computerized automatically lane conditioning device or perform they plan on air conditioning the lanes through hand.

Custom color or custom design template bowling lanes room optional.

Logistics: Is the Bowling alley installation walking to it is in in a lower level or an top level that a residence.

The great news is that there are a lot of options to pick from. Bowling alleys are not a cheap investment, however if you’re cursed to elevating your residence experience, they space worth it. In total, it might cost approximately $120,000 – $195,000, depending on customizations, for 2 bowling lanes after her bowling alley is every finished and also ready because that use.

Benefits the a residence Bowling Alley

Building a bowling alley in your house is a great addition because that the entirety family. If you still no convinced, here are afew factors why.

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While a home bowling alley cost is definitely an investment, it will certainly be worth it in the end.You’ll have a high quality bowling alley to enjoy with all your friends and also family.