Chris Brown is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and also actor that is immensely popular for his double platinum studio albums chris Brown, Exclusive and also F.A.M.E. He has several hit monitor to his credits including “Run It!”, “Kiss Kiss”, “With You” and also “Forever” charting in the top 5 of numerous charts. As an actor, he has showed up in TV shows prefer The O.C and Black-ish and has supporting functions in films like Takers, Think choose a Man, and Battle that the Year.

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I’m in the studio, earlier and forth, continuously, just having fun. I’m going to proceed to make great dance videos and just be me.

Chris Brown estimates

Chris Brown Biography

Chris Brown was born ~ above the 5th of might 1989, in Tappahannock, Virginia, United states of America. The is right now 32 year old.

Birth NameChristopher Maurice Brown
NicknameChris, Breezy, Cb
Date the BirthMay 5, 1989
Place of BirthTappahannock, Virginia, U.S.
Age32 years old
Sun SignTaurus
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, Actor, Dancer

Family and also Education

Chris Brown is the youngest kid of the two kids to his parents, Clinton Brown and also Joyce Hawkins. His father served as a director in ~ a day care center and also his mother functioned as a correction officer at a neighborhood prison. His larger sister, Lytrell Bundy is a banker.

He to visit Essex High institution in Virginia.

Chris Brown Girlfriend and also Love Life

Chris Brown has had dated many women transparent his life. The which, his partnership with fellow R&B singer Rihanna was the most discussed topic ~ above tabloids. The two began dating in 2009 yet it didn’t finish well because that them. In February 2009, simply hours before the Grammy Awards, Chris involved in a brawl with his then-girlfriend, and also soon points escalated to residential violence. He was arrested the evening and was charged v two felony fees of assault and making criminal threats.

He to be sentenced to five years probation, 6 months ar service and also one year of domestic violence counseling as a result of his assault against Rihanna. On July 20, 2009, he released a two-minute video clip on his YouTube page apologizing come fans and Rihanna because that the assault, to express the incident as his “deepest regret” and saying the he has actually repeatedly apologized come Rihanna and also “accepts complete responsibility”.

He then dated American singer and also model Paris Hilton but their relationship appeared to be simply a fling as it finished rather also soon. In 2009, he was additionally reported to it is in dating model Natasha Ellie, truth TV star Natalie Nunn, model Erica Jackson, and also model Jasmine Sanders.

In 2010, he to be spotted walk out v American version Karrueche Tran, it to be not lengthy before, the 2 got connected in a partnership with every other. But, their connection didn’t walk well when Chris to be trying come resume his connection with Rihanna. In October 2012, Chris come out through a statement ending his connection with Tran because he did not “want to check out her hurt over my friendship v Rihanna. In 2013, Chris and also Rihanna resumed their relationship but they damaged up when for the critical time in may 2013.

Chris reconciled his connection with Karrueche Tran in mid-2013, but Tran dubbed it quits after gaining to knowChris’ daughter with her girlfriend Nia Guzman. In February 2017, Tran to be granted a momentary 100-yard restraining order versus Brown, and eventually a 5-year restraining order versus the singer, declare he intimidated to kill her.

Brown has remained in a connection with Indonesian singer and also actress Agnez Mo since 2017. Castle haven’t make their connection public yet, however their strong bonding confirms the something is brewing in between the two.

My personal life is the same. In ~ the finish of the day, this is just a job. Ns love what i do, and it’s a an excellent job. However it’s choose my alter ego. There’s kris Brown the singer. And also there’s Christopher Brown, the down-home Tappahannock boy that plays video games and also basketball and also hangs out.

Chris Brown quotes

Physical Statistics

HeightFeet – 6 feet 1 inchCentimeters – 185 cmMeters – 1.85 m
WeightKilograms – 82 kgPounds – 181 lbs
Body BuildAthletic
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Shoe Size11/12 (US)

I think the key is basically simply your determination. As much an artist is concerned, it’s just around your drive and your dream.

Chris Brown quotes

Professional Statistics

Album Debut

Chris Brown exit his self-titled studio album on November 29, 2005, i beg your pardon peaked at #2 top top the united state Billboard 200, when charting right into the peak 10 on the several other music markets. The album’s command single, “Run It!” peaked atop ~ above the us Billboard hot 100 and the album earned double platinum in the unified States, and also gold in Australia, Canada and the unified Kingdom. He has released eight studio albums for this reason far, consisting of

chris Brown (2005)Exclusive (2007)Graffiti (2009)F.A.M.E. (2011)Fortune (2012)X (2014)Royalty (2015)Heartbreak top top a complete Moon (2017)Indigo (2019) Genre

R&B, Urban, Pop, hip hop, dance


Vocals, Organ, Drums


CBE, Jive, RCA Records

Film Debut

Chris has his first acting role as Duron in the 2007 drama and also dance movie “Stomp The Yard”.

Television Debut

In 2006, kris landed his first acting gig, a guest starring role, in an episode of the American sitcom One ~ above One.

Significant Works

Brown met with vital acclaim for his studio albums chris Brown, Exclusive and also F.A.M.E., all of them to be certified platinum by Recording market Association that America (RIAA).

Brand Endorsements

He has actually starred in many TV advertisements because that brands such as Forever Wrigley Doublemint, Coke Zero, Apple’s Siri, and also many others.

Chris Brown favorite Things

Food – Gatorade/Powerade, Lobster, Pasta, Strawberry Cheesecake and also SushiTV Shows – Boondocks, The Tyra banks ShowAccessories – Sunglasses, Watch and SnapBack HatsColors – Grey and RedClothing Brand – shower Ape

Chris Brown net Worth

As the 2021, chris Brown has an estimated net precious of $50 million. He has sold an ext than 100 million documents worldwide, making him among the world’s best-selling and the richest music artists. In enhancement to his successful music career, chris has got his hand on several organization ventures.

He owns 14 burger King restaurants and a record label walk by the surname CBE (Chris Brown to chat or society Beyond her Evolution), under Interscope Records. He own a luxurious $4.3m mansion in Los Angeles and also a fleet of high-quality cars, consisting of Chevy Impala, Viper, Lamborghini, range Rover, Bugatti Veyron, and also Porsche Turbo.

FewerKnownFactsAbout kris Brown

Brown was presented to music and also dance at a an extremely young age. He began to take component in local talent shows and performing in his church choir.

His parents divorced as soon as he was young and also encountered residential violence throughout his early years as his mother’s boyfriend offered to assault her at many of the times.

Chris is always thankful come Hitmission Records, a local production team, who discovered him and provided voice coaching together well. Lock met him in ~ his father’s gas terminal while searching for a new talent.

He has actually cited artist such together Sam Cooke, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, usher Raymond, Kim Burrell, Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye together his music influences.

The lead solitary “Run it!” native his eponymous debut album peaked in ~ #1 top top the Billboard warm 100, making him the first male lead artist after ~ Diddy (1997) to achieve the feat.

In 2011, he was nominated for six BET Awards, receiving more nominations than any other artist.

Chris has won a Grammy Award, 15 bet Awards, 4 Billboard Music Awards, and 6 heart Train Music Awards.

In 2011, he was called the #1 top R&B/Hip-Hop song Artist that the Year by Billboard. That same year, Billboard likewise ranked him at #10 in its ideal of 2011 top Artists list.

On July 5, 2018, Brown was arrested top top a fee of felony battery in Florida. The was required to the Palm beach jail, and released top top a bail that $2,000

Chris has gained a most tattoos.

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On January 22, 2019, Brown was arrested by police in Paris after being accused that aggravated rape by a 24-year-old woman however he was later released indigenous custody v no charges. Following which, his legit team filed a defamation lawsuit against the woman who accused the of rape at a Paris hotel.