The trending practice of worm composting draws human being of all eras into a subterranean people of common wonder. The eco-conscious gasp in awe at realizing the enormous affect that just one lb of hungry red wigglers makes.

A single pound of worms is so much more than the sum of that parts. Their numbers alone room astonishing but their rate of reproduction, appetite and transformative powers space nothing brief of incredible!

Dig in ~ the surface ar of a worm compost device – you’ll reveal a thin multitude that squirmers tough at work. It’s tough to imagine, yet one can’t help but wonder, simply how many worms can be in there?!

The answer has to do v a bunch of factors however to say an established bin has JILLIONS the worms is a generalization we are safe to make. Please check out on if “JILLIONS” is a little too vague and you’ve simply gotta know more!

A Sound Pound

Wherever your ar in the an excellent big neighborhood of worm farmers, now you will learn simply how plenty of Eisenia fetida space in a pound, what that looks like, and also find out how to discover what a lb of worms method for you and your very own worm bin.

But first, 1 question-

What weighs more, a lb of feather or a pound of red wigglers?

Oh, come on, friend didn’t autumn for that, go you? ns didn’t actually think I could fool you, yet the inquiry does assist make mine point- One pound of red wigglers weighs simply as lot as a lb of butter, feathers, or a lb of anything else, for the matter.

Purchased by the Pound

So simply what precisely do you obtain in a pound of red wiggler composting worms these days?

These days, we have the right to purchase Eisenia fetida through retailers who sell red wigglers by the pound. Being able to buy by the pound is really convenient and also a great way to go around it.

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Knowing the size of your initial worm herd has actually loads of advantages:

If you deserve to determine exactly how much food rubbish you develop each week, you have the right to follow a straightforward formula to number out how plenty of worms (in pounds) that takes to recycle what would have actually otherwise been trash.In general, learning the dimension of your herd in pounds also helps girlfriend determine exactly how much to feeding them to keep them active, safe, and healthy.Still, others may use the measure up of a pound of worms to determine exactly how much black gold compost they have the right to expect come harvest every few months. Yes!! That’s me! professional breeders who understand the dimension of their functioning herd can number out precisely what a pound of worms expenses to raise, package, sell, and ship therefore they can build a successful and also sustainable company model.

But the concern still remains:


When sharing this image please psychic to include attribution come The Squirm Firm:’How

Just how countless red wigglers room in a pound?

To number that the end for myself, I had actually to execute a little digging. Literally! ns dug into my own bins come gather as close come an ethical pound the red wigglers as I could. I plucked and also picked and also pulled worms with each other for hours.

I phone call ya, this was nothing brief of a job of love! 

I go my ideal to remove as much of the perfect vermicompost from mine dear fertilizer devices as i could. In the end, I had an impressive and also pretty exceptional collection that my tough working worms every massed with each other in a huge measuring cup.

Viola! I’d gathered a volume the 2 cup of worms by the time my kitchen range measured a pound. I can’t say ns counted lock out, however 2 cups seemed like a an excellent even measure to work-related with and also keep together a standard.

A pound of Worms Revealed 

When a worm farmer harvests worms for sale (or measuring for a blog post!) there is small if any sorting that goes on before the worms are pulled and also packed. That method when we buy worms we deserve to expect to get a well-mixed bag the what should amount to a lb of worms in a grasp of bedding. Follow to mine research, that comes to virtually 1,000 worms every batch!

Every Worm Matters

Since composting worms room a cohesive bunch you could anticipate that any kind of given sample that 1,000 composting worms would have individuals in ~ every stage of maturity.

If us break that concept down a bit further we deserve to assume the in every pound there would certainly be:

egg sacks hold 1-5 worms each.juveniles only weeks the end of your egg sacks.mature worms in between 3 months and 5 years old.

The vast majority of the worms you’d purchase and also receive in a pound would be of tires or reproducing age, whereas numerous fewer would certainly be juveniles or those still in cocoons.

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Did you ever before Wonder?

These crafty minds established what the number would involved if us did take the moment to measure up a lb of worms by age.

This is what they calculated:

Roughly 1000 mature composting worms equal one pound.Roughly 4000 youth composting worms equal one pound.It would take fine over 100,000 composting worm hatchlings to same one pound.

Knowledge is the Birthplace of Wisdom

We hope you enjoy discovering these little-known facts about composting worms!

But, now that you know simply how countless worms space in a pound, the real concern you have to be questioning is, “How plenty of red wigglers perform I should start?”. Click to discover the perfect quantity for your worm composting needs today!