In this blog, we will certainly discuss, “How much does a 50, 60, 70-inch TV weigh?” The load of the TV is among the important components that human being consider while buying a TV. The weight may not issue after you set the TV up. But it is necessary before you bring it home or for understanding how easily it can move. TVs in today’s world weigh very small compared to that of the past. This is since a the majority of it is made of plastic through some steel parts that include weight.

During digital shopping, the weight of the TV won’t issue much together they offer cost-free shipping. As the TVs have come to be lighter, the stand doesn’t have trouble sustaining them. The instance is similar for wall surface mounts too. This is since they are designed to support the size of the TV and not the weight. But still, the weight matters to many people. So, us will discuss the weight selection on just how much go a 50, 60, 70-inch TV weigh?

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How much does a 50, 60, 70-inch TV weigh?

1. Exactly how much walk a 32-inch TV weigh?


TVs the 32-inch display screens mostly room LED level screens. Several of these are standard people while others space smart TVs. You can purchase these because that indoor and also outdoor use. Plasma TVs that were much heavier room no longer in production. The wall surface mount for a 32-inch TV has actually the ability to handle in between 100 and 200 pounds. The TV will certainly not practically weigh this much though. TVs the this selection weigh really little. Because that instance, the Westinghouse 32” LED together with the stand weigh only about 9.4 pounds.

The various other outdoor TVs can be a tiny heavier. For instance, SunBrite TV 32” the end TV stands at 45 pounds. This TV comprises different materials because it is weatherproof. In conclusion, 32-inch TVs variety from very light at the load of eight or nine pounds to sturdier outdoor models weighing 45 pounds.

2. Exactly how much go a 50-inch TV weigh?


Now, flat-screen TVs of larger sizes are easily easily accessible at affordable prices. Together with the price, their weight has actually gone under considerably. In the past, your weight was in between 80 and also 100 pounds. The production of plasma TV was quit in 2016 but some space still available. They soak increase a lot of energy since of i m sorry UHD 4K TVs and LEDs are an ext popular.

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The wall surface mounts for a 50-inch TV have actually the volume to hold up to 125 pounds mostly. This is an ext than sufficient for this dimension of the TV also after including an old plasma. Because that instance, the VIZIO 50” LED smart TV weighs only 28.2 pounds. In the situation of the UHD 4K TV, the Samsung 50-inch 4K UHD clever TV weighs roughly 29.3 pounds. The outdoor Magnolia 49-inch LED is a little bit on the more heavier side through a weight of 69 pounds. To conclude. Friend can discover 50-inch TVs weighing about 25 pounds for a brand-new LED or UHD 4K TV to 100 pounds in instance of an old plasma.

3. How much walk a 55-inch TV weigh?


There is not much weight difference between a 50-inch and 55-inch model. But the 55-inch TV models room heavier in comparison. Because that instance, the Insignia 55” 4K UHD TV weighs 29.3 pounds the is really close to the 50-inch version. The mounts because that 55-inch television have the right to hold 125 to 175 pounds. However, today’s televisions room not heavy enough to cause any kind of issue.

You should go because that Samsung 55-inch LED clever TV if you desire LED TV in a 55-inch version as that weighs just 38.1 pounds. Top top the other hand, the Magnolia outdoor 55-inch TV weighs 47 pounds. So, in conclusion, we deserve to say that a 55-inch TV will variety from 25 pounds for an LED TV to 100 pounds in instance of one old plasma.


There room not numerous models easily accessible for the 60-inch category. One the belongs to this classification is LG UHD TV the weighs 42.8 pounds. This TV is really light together its wall mount can hold as much as 100 pounds. This design is currently being phased out. This is because most that the manufacturers are concentrating on 55-inch and 65- come 70-inch models. We can conclude by saying that if you space looking come buy a TV of this category then it will certainly weigh between 42 and also 45 pounds.

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5. Exactly how much walk a 70-inch TV weigh?

The civilization who want big televisions normally buy 70-inch TVs. They come in 2 categories i.e., LED or UHD 4K. Their wall mounts have actually the capacity to host up to 200 pounds. The load of an 80-inch TV is obviously much more in comparison to the other categories discussed above. For instance, the 70-inch Samsung LED smart TV weighs 54.5 pounds, and the VIZIO 70-inch smart 4K UHD weighs 56.9 pounds. But it still is light sufficient for two civilization to relocate it and wall mounts deserve to handle them easily.


Over time, TVs have adjusted a lot from their bulky for to sleek flat-screen LED TVs. The load of these TV has decreased so lot that also the heavier ones weigh as much as 60 pounds only. The outdoor TVs can come on a little bit heavier side however this is only since they room made that weather-resistant materials. The 2 kinds that TV that have actually become an extremely popular are LED or UHD 4K. Their weight is in between 7 pounds because that a 32-inch model and up to 60 pounds because that a vast 70-inch model.

We hope that you have got all the required information on exactly how much does a 50, 60, 70-inch TV weigh? say thanks to you for reading our blog.