Hay bales are accessible in a range of various sizes, as well as different varieties of grass.

From little squares all the means up to huge round bales weighing end a thousand pounds!

So just how much walk a bale that hay weigh?

Square Bale Weights


Smaller round bales that hay the measure 4 ft x 4 ft can weigh 350 come 600 pounds (159 to 272 kg) each.

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Large ring bales measuring 5 ft x 6 ft deserve to weigh approximately 1,200 come 1,800 pounds (544 to 816 kg) or more.

One the the major challenges of huge round bales is in do the efforts to carry them home, together they will certainly not right in the ago of a pickup or small trailer.

Often, these large bales are driven on flat-bed van to your destination.

How lot Does A Bale the Hay Cost?

Prices for a bale of hay will differ due to numerous different factors such together availability, demand, hay quality and also many others.

Naturally, prices will likewise be greatly affected by state across the country.

On average, a good quality tiny square bale will cost about $120-$160 per ton.

Large square bales space $130-$170 every ton.

Prices on an excellent quality huge round bales are about $145-$175 every ton.

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~ Fun truth ~A bale that hay have the right to suddenly record fire as result of its temperature. When the moisture content of the hay bale is as well high when baled, the development of microorganisms inside the bale create included heat. When temperatures within the bale rise above 120 levels Fahrenheit, you at risk of spontaneous burning happening.