Leek sales held mostly stable in 2019, and also while leeks aren"t huge sellers, they do appeal to much more affluent shoppers who are looking for various flavors. Incorporate leeks in your create mix to provide well-rounded produce alternatives to shoppers looking for an ext gourmet choices.

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Leeks offer several wellness benefits. Lock can help lower cholesterol and also fight cancer. Leeks contain nutrients that assist protect blood ship from damage. They additionally contain vitamin C, i m sorry is a well-known cancer fighter. Leeks save lutein, which is important for healthy and balanced eyes.3.5-oz. Serving of leeks consists of 52 calories and also 30% that the U.S. Recommended everyday Allowance the vitamin C.

Leek retail sales increased .6% in 2019. Pounds sold also declined slightly and retail price held reasonably steady.


Leeks room usually offered to add flavor to other dishes, therefore cross-merchandise them through fish, broth and soup vegetables.Leeks are obtainable year-round. Include them to promotions throughout the year.Fall: incorporate leeks in soup screens as the job get much shorter and cooler. They include an oniony flavor come soups without the pungency that onions.Winter: encourage leeks during Chinese new Year promotions. They include flavor and also texture to stir-fry dishes.Spring: Encourage consumers to purchase leeks and include them come salads.Summer: Leeks space a perfect match to grilled fish. Promote them with seafood and encourage consumers to grill lock in silver paper packets v salmon or cod.
Leeks have actually a distinctive shape in the produce department. They have the right to be shown horizontally or vertically to create a striking, eye-catching display.Remove the external skin of the bulb so the all your leeks existing a clean, white surface ar to the consumer.Place leeks alongside brightly fancy vegetables prefer tomatoes, carrots or summer squash to produce an eye-popping shade contrast.Many consumers space unfamiliar v leeks, so offer preparation tips and recipes because that those who don’t know exactly how to use them. Educate consumers that leeks catch dirt, so be certain to wash them well before using.
Add leeks come soups, stews and also chowders. They include an onion-like flavor.Clean leeks well before using as dirt it s okay trapped in the leaves. Allow leeks stand in cool water for 10 come 15 minutes to release the grit.Leeks sell a milder flavor 보다 onions. They deserve to be substituted for onions in any recipe.Add leeks come salads and also salad bars.

30-lb. Cartons, 12 bunches 24- come 30-lb. Cartons, 24 bunches 20-lb. 4⁄5-bushel cartons/crates, bunched 10-lb. Cartons, 10 1-lb. Movie bags Leeks are typically packed in great of ice. RPC 6419, 6428

Temperature: 32 F, 0 C relative humidity: 95-100% Mist: yes usual shelf life: 7 come 21 days Odor producer (Do not store or carry odor-sensitive item with assets that develop odors. Leeks produce odors that will certainly be absorbed by figs and also grapes.) Crates should be stacked so they will have adequate air circulation and to store temperatures in ~ the top and bottom as equal as possible. Slight bruising that the tops is normal.

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