Shier, David. Hole"s human being Anatomy & Physiology. McGraw- Hill, 2002.

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"Size=closed fist; 300g (adult)."300g
The human Heart. Texas love Institute, June 2004."The heart weighs between 7 and 15 ounces (200 to 425 grams) and is a tiny larger 보다 the size of your fist."200–425g
Paulsen S, Vetner M, Hagerup LM. Relationship between heart weight and also the cross sectional area of the coronary ostia. National facility for Biotechnological Information, September 1975."Sex variation in the area that the coronary ostia was studied in hearts through a common weight (heart weight less than 400 g) and also hypertrophic understanding (heart weight greater than or same to 400 g).">400g
The Heart. The Franklin Institute scientific research Museum, 1996."The median adult heart is around the dimension of a clenched fist and also weighs about 11 ounces (310 grams)."310g

The love is a fairly small (no bigger than a clenched fist), hollow, muscular body organ which is in fee of pump blood transparent the body and to other organs. The is made up of four chambers, and also has a conical shape. The upper chambers are called the left and also right atria, and also the reduced chambers are called the left and right ventricles. The left and right atria and also left and also right ventricles space separated by a wall of muscle known as the septum. The strongest and biggest chamber in the love is the left ventricle. Its wall surfaces are only half-inch thick, and yet lock are qualified of pushing blood v a valve into your body. That is able to pump blood through blood vessels with small, recurring contractions.

The massive of a person heart is between 200–450g, however around 300g. However, this number deserve to be incredibly varied when the heart is diseased. A diseased heart can sometimes weigh as lot as 1000g; an ext than two pounds! The human heart is located between the lungs and also in approximately the middle of the chest, contempt left the the chest bone. Approximately two thirds the its fixed lies to the left that the body"s midlines. In an mean adult weighing roughly 80kg, (approximately 175pounds), the human being heart is around 0.3% the the full mass. Although the love is just a miniscule section of a person"s complete weight, the plays the most important function in the entire body.

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