Moving indigenous the Ford super Duty lineup right into the selection of Ford Chassis Cab models, you’ll encounter an effective engines and leading capabilities that space no less impressive than those you’re leaving behind. In fact, the may simply be appropriate for north Chicago-area chauffeurs who plan on hauling more than castle tow! What space the 2021 Ford F-550 specs? We’ve spanned the 2021 Ford F-550 horsepower, torque, towing, and payload borders below.

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Ford F-550 horsepower & torque by Engine

The 2021 Ford F-550 is standard through a 7.3L V8 gas engine, yet a 6.7L power Stroke® V8 Turbo Diesel is additionally available. 2021 Ford F-550 horsepower and also torque ratings vary in between the 2 options, however neither will disappoint:

7.3L V8 – 350 horsepower and 468 lb-ft that torque6.7L V8 Diesel – 330 horsepower and 825 lb-ft of torque

Both engines come paired v a TorqShift® 10-Speed SelectShift® automatically transmission.

Ford F-550 Towing Capacity, GCWR, GVWR & Payload

It’s constantly important to review all towing and also hauling details in her owner’s manual before you hook increase a trailer or a van bed–but as soon as you at some point get under to brass tacks, you can be particular that the F-550 has what it takes to conquer your to-dos:

GCWR: GCWR is identified by your an option of behind axle, her axle ratio, and your engine choice. This limit never ever exceeds 30,000 pounds ~ above models v the 7.3L V8, yet you can push all the means up to 43,000 pounds on diesel models.Payload Capacity: back your precise payload capacity will vary depending on your favored configuration, a effectively equipped Ford F-550 deserve to handle a maximum payload the 12,750 pounds.Conventional Towing: Every 2021 Ford F-550 can tow a best of 18,500 pounds with a standard (hitch-based) towing setup.Gooseneck/5th-Wheel Towing: best capacities will vary from design to model, yet you have the right to tow approximately 31,600 pounds v the 6.7L V8 diesel, or approximately 20,400 pounds through the conventional 7.3L V8.

Ford F-550 Specs: Dimensions

If these Ford F-550 specs aren’t sufficient to convince you on your own, a closer look at some necessary Ford F-550 dimensions simply might. Because your selection of wheelbase and cab deserve to have significant impacts on her payload ratings, it’s crucial to be mindful of all your options:

With regular Cab

145–inch wheelbase; 60 inches, cab to axle169–inch wheelbase; 84 inches, cab come axle193–inch wheelbase; 108 inches, cab come axle205–inch wheelbase; 120 inches, cab to axle

With SuperCab

167.5–inch wheelbase; 60 inches, cab to axle191.5–inch wheelbase; 84 inches, cab to axle

With CrewCab

179.4–inch wheelbase; 60 inches, cab come axle203.4–inch wheelbase; 84 inches, cab to axle

Precise payload boundaries will, once again, be figured out by the payload package girlfriend select! However, motorists getting prepared to configure an F-550 that their own should know that the consistent Cab, through its 169 and 193-inch wheelbases, uses the most potential.

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Find your Ford F-550 through Lynch truck Center

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