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No joke, it"s the only one we"ve uncovered that really works on full size doors. Sure, they"re expensive, yet so is your time.

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It"s simple. This pivot hinge will conserve you several money, lots of time, or both. System M represents a new way forward because that pivot doors, especially the large ones. "Nothing in the floor or ceiling!"We sell the whole line of services from this Swiss manufacturer. Us can assist specify the best solution.




TRY ours new door weight calculator for clad and also flush door options! We likewise have a Pivot Hinge Calculator!

go into decimal worths (e.g., get in 2.25 and also NOT 2 1/4).

Door Material

Door elevation (inches)

Door broad (inches)

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NOTE: these are approximates only. Please obtain accurate weights from your door provider or consult v a structural technician (PE).

We have a great technical staff that can help you select the finest hinge solution for her project.

Trying to hang a 10" by 8" door (or any very big and hefty door) and also don"t want to have any kind of hardware in the floor or ceiling? check out the revolutionary pivot hinge indigenous FritsJurgens. Naught in the ceiling, naught in the floor. Every little thing is mortised in the door leaf. Because that doors approximately 1100 lbs. Revolutionary.

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We"ve scoured the whole world and also found the best and most beautiful building products for her design. Us are particularly knowledgeable about solutions for really heavy sliding doors and also swing doors. We offer assets from about the world and the information you need to successfully see them through your project. Every the means from brand-new Zealand come Europe back to the joined States, our hardware complements her design.

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