The average salary because that a education assistant is $11.47 every hour in Alabama and $3,723 overtime per year.

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The jobs requiring this certification have increase by 13200.00% since 2018. Nursing assistants with this certification earn +77.00% more than the mean base salary, i beg your pardon is $11.47 every hour.

1 Nursing assistants job openings on require this certification in 2016, it rises by 1 in comparison to previous year.

Job TrendYearNumber of task openings top top requiring this certificationChange native previous year2016201720182019
1increase by 1
2increase by 100.00%
11increase by 450.00%
1463increase through 13200.00%

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35% that Nursing aides in the United says think their salaries are sufficient for the price of living in your area

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If she unsure around what salary is suitable for a certified education assistant (CNA), visit"s salary Calculator to get a free, personalized pay range based on your location, industry and also experience.