The 4L60E infection was first introduced in 1992 together an upgrade or instead of to the 700R4 transmission, additionally known as the 4L60 transmission. The 2 transmissions were greatly similar, v a major difference being the update from hydraulically to electronically managed transmissions.

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This transmission was developed and produced by basic Motors/Hydramatic.

The 4L60E transmission was widely obtainable in a large number the GM truck, van, and SUV applications, as well as in rear-wheel drive auto applications. Several of the many popular vehicle applications were the Chevrolet Corvette, Camaro, Caprice, and Impala, simply to name a few.

For truck, van, and also SUV applications, this infection is available in basically all GMC and also Chevrolet applications that had 6 lug nuts top top the wheel. The number of lug nuts suggests the rating that the truck, and 6 lug nuts generally indicate a light-duty truck.

Pros and also Cons

As mentioned, the 4L60 E was first introduced in 1992. The 4L60E is differentiated into very early version and also a so late version. This differentiation arisen in 1996. If a variety of differences exist, the easiest to identify externally is the reality that the bell-housing is removable because that the late 4L60E transmissions.

The replacement started in 1996 however was not totally phased in till 1998. Although this transmission is certainly not in manufacturing as widespread as it as soon as was, there space still part applications that utilize this transmission. This transmission can still be uncovered in light-duty van applications as well as in the overseas market in the Holden Commodore.

The popular was based on many of the carryover features, such together the low rate performance ability and strong fuel economy performance, if the addition of digital control additionally significantly boosted the power of this transmission.

One the the most usual problems v this transmission is losing the capacity to usage the reverse gear, generally caused by debris buildup.

4L60E power Specs

The 4L60E infection is designed to manage a max engine talk of 360 lb-ft.

The 4L60E naming likewise indicates a lot about the transmission. The 4 indicates that this is a 4 rate transmission, through it being an automatic transmission in this case. The L suggests that the engine is longitudinally positioned. The 60 shows 6000 pounds that GVW, although the transmission is in trucks approximately 8600 pounds GVW, for this reason this part of the name is likely legacy carryover.

The 4 gears obtainable in this transmission are 3.06, 1.63, 1, and 0.7, with the reverse gear being 2.29. The 3.06 low gear provides solid performance in ~ low auto speed, if the 0.7 top gear provides far-reaching overdrive fuel economic climate benefits.


This so late 4L60E that was introduced in 1996 modified the infection from a single piece to a 3 piece transmission. The 3 pieces space the bellhousing, the key case, and the tailhousing, all 3 are made from actors aluminum alloy.

The infection is 21.9 inch in length. The infection weighs 146 pounds dry and also 162 pounds through the fluids installed. The quantity of liquid required depends on the talk converter the it is paired with. With the 9.64” torque converter, 8.4 quarts of transmission fluid is required, when the 11.81” speak converter demands 11.4 quarts that fluid.

The 4L60E is a 4 rate automatic electronically managed transmission that is offered widely across GM platforms, specifically on essentially all behind wheel journey applications. As result of its widespread use, this transmission is likely one that the most common transmission on the highways today.

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This replaced the 4L60 transmission, previously known as the 700R4, beginning in 1992 and used modern technology to boost on what was already a really popular transmission. This transmission is still provided in a small variety of applications, yet has been replaced for the many part.