Who they room the highest possible paid players in the mexico League?. European football cup to the finest players from approximately the world amongst other things, since the wealthiest teams in the civilization are, those who deserve to pay and also sign the best talent from side to next of the globe. But nevertheless, Mexico, the has emerged in current years together a place where countless players, hurry your last legs together a skilled and additionally a ar to discover young players v some poryección. These are the ten highest possible paid players.

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1.- Roque Santa Cruz: Paraguay, he come from Malaga to reinforce Cruz Azul. His salary is no bad, 2,6 numerous dollars.

2.- oribe Peralta: the front of the Mexican and American nor wrong payment a value of 2,5 numerous dollars.

3.- Darwin Quintero: Colombian and Mexican passport with the American player also receives around 1,8 millions of dollars, a tab negligible.

4.- Ronaldinho: Brazil, that was at once the world"s best, hurries his last years as a experienced in Mexico. It does no free, v 1,8 millions of dollars, is the highest-paid team long.

5.- point of view Reyna: one more Mexican worldwide sneaks right into the list. Chivas player is the fifth in the list through a document of approximately 1,7 countless dollars.

6.- Jesus Crown: Cruz Azul goalkeeper and the Mexican national team is among the greatest paid players 1,6 countless dollars.

7.- Marco Fabian : Chivas with international 1,5 millions , that is in the optimal ten the the best paid in the Liga MX.

8.- Paulo da Silva: Paraguayan veteran footballer Toluca additionally has a poor salary in the Liga MX, 1,2 numerous dollars.

9.- Dorlan Pabon: ~ a not an excellent experience in Spanish Valencia, Pabon went back to Monterrey who had actually left to prove in Europe. With 1,2 millions, It"s one of the 10 better paid.

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10.- Mauro Boselli: Argentine Leon closes the perform 1,1 millions of dollars, which, the is no a bad salary.



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