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11+ $6.64/bag ($6.64/lb)

$33.90 / 5lb bag ($6.78/lb)QuantityPrice every bag
1 $33.90/bag ($6.78/lb)
2 $33.20/bag ($6.64/lb)
3+ $31.45/bag ($6.29/lb)


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Hard covering pecan enthusiasts understand that these cg-tower.com have actually a discernibly sweeter taste than their shelled counterparts. These hard shell Stuart pecans do the perfect snack, punctuated with a to solve “CRACK!” Plus, pecans are full of end 20 vitamins and minerals making lock a healthy choice you deserve to feel an excellent about.

How to Shell tough Pecans

First, type the pecans: Sort and examine the pecans. If, by chance, any type of pecans room cracked or damaged, throw them away. You should likewise throw away any kind of nut shells that rattle, as they have actually likely unable to do bad.

Choose your tools: A standard nutcracker, a committed pecan cracker or a combination of side cutters and pliers are all an excellent options because that cracking and also shelling pecans. Committed pecan crackers permit you to crack and shell without cutting into any of the nut’s meat. No tools on hand? girlfriend could shot gently squeezing two cg-tower.com versus each various other in order to cracked the shell.

Boil the pecans: This is one option for prepping to shell pecans and some believe boiling the pecans prior to shelling makes the process much easier. If you decision to go with this option, cook the pecans in a huge pot for 10-15 minutes. Allow the pecans to cool before beginning the cracking process.

Get cracking: as cracking and also shelling pecans deserve to be a confusing process, us suggest setup up a job-related area through newspaper or in an outdoor space.

A research study carried out at Loma Linda University and also published in the September 2001 worry of the journal of Nutrition has shown what countless pecan lovers have actually known every along. Pecans not just taste good, yet they are an excellent for girlfriend - specifically when it comes to lowering cholesterol levels. They discovered that including just a grasp of pecans come a classic low-fat, cholesterol-lowering diet deserve to have a dramatic affect on the diet’s effectiveness. Once the Loma Linda examine participants to be on the pecan-enriched diet, castle lowered their total and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol double as much as they did as soon as they ate the American love Association (AHA) step I diet. Just as importantly, the pecan-enriched diet lowered blood triglyceride levels and also helped maintain desirable levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol compared to the action I diet, which frequently unfavorably raises triglycerides and usually lowers HDL levels.

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Pecans can’t repair your broken heart, yet they can assist protect it. The tree sterols in pecans assist battle heart condition by lowering blood cholesterol levels, and also according to study performed at brand-new Mexico State University, a 3/4 cup section of pecans day-to-day can substantially lower LDL cholesterol level in the blood, help to clean the arteries. The nutrient in pecans ain’t so poor for you one of two people – zinc help guard versus infections, vitamin E protects against cancer, and vitamin A helps save your complexion clear.