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Syllables. What room they and why are they therefore important? Why need to we teach them to our children? specifies a syllable as:

an uninterrupted segment of decided consisting of a collection sound, a diphthong, or a syllabic consonant, v or without preceding or following consonant sounds

You can remember learning around them in early on elementary school, when your teacher had your class clapping in unison, if pronouncing native in segments. You learned that “dog,” “cat,” “boy,” “girl,” and “ball” were all one syllable. Words prefer “baseball,” “sanwhich,” and also “happy” room two syllables. “Butterscotch,” ” lemonaide,” and “accident” are three syllables. Marry Poppins taught us the nonsene native “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” which is how countless syllables?

14! go you have to clap the one out? Me too.


So currently that we have actually been down memory lane…why are we talking about syllables? This month our Tuesday’s Talks, Tips, & tip video collection is act a 4-part segment on phonological awareness. Part One is all around syllables. ~ teaching youngsters individual sounds because that reading, the following step is often teaching syllables. A strong understanding of rate helps children learn to read and also decode quicker and an ext fluently. Expertise syllables additionally helps build correct together of words and helps us understand where to put emphasis on words. Understanding exactly how syllables work-related to develop words have the right to also assist develop more independent spelling an abilities as kids can better sound out and also break words into an ext manageable chunks.

There is a lot of research out there around the importance of syllables. Yet lets just obtain to the fun part…TEACHING! See below for some tasks and videos v demonstrations of activities you can use to assist strengthen her child’s acoustic awareness skills!

Help your child learn about syllables and also how to count them with some of these fun activities!

Musical tasks – exercise counting rate by clapping, tapping, stomping, or hummingRobot talk – exercise talking prefer a robot to emphasize exactly how all words have the right to be damaged into smaller partsPlay-doh quit mat – practice smashing balls the play-doh, one because that each rate in the wordHopscotch – collection up hopscotch and practice to dance one time for each syllablesIf your child is able come count, exercise searching and also sorting pictures from colour pages/books or family members objects based on how plenty of syllables they have – 1, 2, 3, or more
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