Historic St. Augustine, the earliest city in the U.S., has actually an endless variety of points to do and also see. Top St. Augustine Lighthouse, situated on the north end of Anastasia Island, is among the area’s more popular attractions.

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St. Augustine Lighthouse was built in 1824, before Florida was a state. This makes it the first lighthouse created in Florida by the American government. Regardless of the rumors, however, St. Augustine wasn’t Florida’s very first lighthouse. In fact, it was developed upon the remains of a 16th century Spanish tower the was likely likewise a maritime beacon.

In any case, after nearly 200 years, St. Augustine is still a working light station. The grounds are home to a fascinating naval museum that provides tours that the tower!

Visiting the Lighthouse and also Museum

Visitors come St. Augustine Lighthouse will discover a selection of buildings, exhibits, and activities to explore, no the least of which is the lighthouse tower.

219 spiraling steps (with landings) lead up to the 140′ high St. Augustine Lighthouse observation deck

The lighthouse is 165 feet tall v 219 spiraling measures leading as much as the lighthouse monitoring deck, 140 above the ground. Though the climb might seem daunting, the expansive see of Matanzas Bay, Anastasia Island, and the city in ~ the peak make it worth the effort. 8 landings and also a series of historical story panels posted follow me the means help to lull the climb.

A number of other structures on site house fascinating exhibits. These incorporate the 1875 Keeper’s House, Oil Room and Keeper’s Office, a WWII-era US coastline Guard Barracks and Garage, and a Maritime Center.

The museum presents a selection of daily demonstrations and also there are hands-on tasks for all eras all roughly the site. View wooden watercrafts being built, the preservation of shipwreck artifacts, and also more. Friend can also explore the grounds via a collection of scenic nature trails.

Lighthouse Tours and Experiences

The museum offers a variety of specialty tourism that provide a depths look at the grounds and also Florida shore history.

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Tour – is an hour lengthy tour that the station and lighthouse with the existing Lighthouse Keeper.

Dark the the Moon Ghost Tours – These room the only tours the will acquire you right into the lighthouse at night. Listen spooky however true story from the background of the lighthouse top top this 1.5 to 2 hour tour, which contains the choice to rent an EMF reader. Private Ghost Tours are also available.

Sunset Moonrise check out – Come clock the sun disappear and also the complete moon ascend indigenous the vantage allude of the lighthouse tower. Includes cost-free champagne and hors d’oeuvres.Sunrise, Lens Room Tour – get a closer look in ~ St. Augustine’s historic and original, 1874, first-order, Fresnel lens through the lighthouse lens room tour. Written of over 370 handmade prisms, the nine foot tall, two ton lens is a marvel of scientific engineering.

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St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

Open seven days a main – 9am to 6pm100 Red Cox Road, St. Augustine, FL 32080

Visit the lighthouse and also museum website for more information. You can additionally follow the lighthouse ~ above Facebook, Instagram, and also Twitter.

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