If you room a music lover and want to buy a 16GB memory map for your mobile phone or tablet computer device, however confused about how numerous songs can store on your 16GB memory card. Don’t worry about it because, in this article, we have mentioned how numerous songs can be save in any 16GB SD cards.

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There are so plenty of memory map brands available in the market, from wherein you can purchase 128GB memory cards online. Some of the well-known brands include Sandisk, Sony, Strontium, Toshiba, Samsung, Transcend and many more. Friend can also search and compare memory cards digital from here.


On the market, girlfriend will find plenty of MicroSD card’s brand which provides high quality faster MicroSD cards in ~ affordable rates. For the high-quality MicroSD cards and also memory cards, you can go v top best brands favor Samsung, SanDisk, Sony, Toshiba, Kingston, Lexar, Transcend, ADATA and PNY. It totally depends on your files and the size of the Music the you desire to store on your MicroSD card.

But us will shot to make it an easy for you and show you how much data 16GB deserve to hold ~ above it.

How numerous Songs can 16GB Hold?

You can store a lot of of audio papers that format that come with a different codec. Some audio file formats are provided for the high-quality music, and they take large paper space up to 10 MB or higher. However some the the audio document formats are supplied for low-quality music the covers short storage space.

If you have lots the songs, climate follow the below-mentioned graph that shows the approximate file size of a every song based upon Kbps rate. Check out below information for an Approximate document size the Kbps rate that can store songs based upon Kbps.

Kbps price of MusicApproximate file size
64Kbps512Kb – 1.5MB/song
128KbpsUp come 3.0MB/song
160kbpsUp come 4.5MB/song
190KbpsUp come 7.0MB/song
256KbpsUp to 9.5MB/song
320KbpsUp to 12.5Mb/song

How many Songs deserve to I keep on a 16GB storage Card? To recognize how countless songs can you keep on our 16GB of MicroSD card then monitor the below-mentioned chart.

You can inspect out below chart that plainly shows how numerous songs deserve to be save on computer in 16GB micro sd cards based on song’s Kbps rate.

Kbps rate/per SongHow many songs does 16gb hold
If you have 64Kbps songsyou can store almost right 10666 songs
If you have actually 128Kbps songsyou deserve to store approximate 5333 songs
If you have actually 160Kbps songsyou deserve to store approximate 3555 songs
If you have actually 190Kbps songsyou can store almost right 2285 songs
If you have 256Kbps songsyou have the right to store almost right 1684 songs
If you have 320Kbps songsyou have the right to store approximate 1280 songs

We hope over memory card volume chart has helped friend to acquire a stormy idea on 16gb holds how countless songs top top it.

How countless photos have the right to 16gb hold?

SanDisk has suggested that 16GB of memory card deserve to hold up to 10400 images taken at 5MP resolution. A typical example for the is If you have Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, the supports SD card with the 8MP camera. You will be able to store increase to 6500 photos in it.

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We hope this example will clear your doubt about how plenty of pictures have the right to 16gb hold. Do let us recognize your views and comments around this object in the comments ar below.