Pies look therefore lovely in your Tippin’s pie tins. But once you start cutting into them, lock don’t constantly make it come the key in such a pretty state. Since we have extensive experience in cut the perfect part of pie, we’d choose to re-publishing the advice we’ve learned indigenous 40 year of cutting and serving pies.

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Tippin’s Tips for Cutting Pie

Tip #1 — Tippin’s pies have the right to be reduced into but many slices friend want, but we recommend six slices for our 8″ and 9″ pies.

Tip #2 — Each kind of pie calls for a slightly different cutting technique. Our crust is flaky and also delicate, so us take extra care to store from breaking it. Here’s the secret– every pies cut much better and the crust breaks much less when the pies space chilled or also slightly frozen.

Tip #3— it takes not just one knife, yet two! use both a lengthy serrated knife and also a quick paring knife for finest results.

Tip #4 — The very first piece of pie is constantly the toughest to serve. For finest results, we recommend utilizing a pie server that has actually a bend to the so the fits the form of the pie. That makes it simpler to lift the slices the end of the pie tin.

Here space step-by-step instructions and also photos because that cutting the perfect part of pie for Tippin’s three different types of pie:

Fruit Pies

Use this technique to slice and serve Tippin’s Apple, Cherry, Peach, Strawberry Rhubarb, Blackberry, Blueberry, and other fruit pies.

Step 1— location pie in the freezer for around 15 to 30 minutes to chill prior to cutting. The fruit pie need to be well chilled, but not frozen.

Step 2— usage a lengthy serrated knife to score the crust. Place the knife across the height of the pie and press tenderness to reduced through the leaf of the crust. Don’t saw, simply press.


Step 3 — currently use a paring knife to reduced into the pie follow me the score lines. Start in the facility of the pie and also draw the knife out. Reduced through the top and bottom crusts. Wipe the knife after every cut.


Step 4 — allow the pie thaw to room temperature prior to serving, or heat the pie, if girlfriend prefer. Pop the pie in the range at 250 degrees for about 15 minutes to give it that simply baked aroma and taste. Serve and enjoy!


Cream Pies

Use this an approach to slice and serve Tippin’s French Silk, crucial Lime, Coconut Cream, Lemon Supreme, and also other cream pies.

Step 1 — Cream pies should always be save on computer in the refrigerator, so store in the frozen fridge until prepared to slice.

Step 2— location a long serrated knife throughout the pie and press tenderness to cut through the edge of the crust. You’re just scoring the pie and marking the top, no cutting every the method through.


Step 3— Wipe the knife with each push to store the cream together neat together possible. Repeat to score the pie right into six slices.


Step 4— currently use a paring knife to cut into the pie along the score lines. Start in the facility of the pie and draw the knife out, cutting with the bottom crust. Wipe the knife after every cut.


Step 5— Serve and also enjoy!


Nut Pies

We have a supervisor special an approach for slicing nut pies choose Tippin’s Pecan and Chocolate Walnut pies. Follow these procedures to slice and also serve nut pies like a pro!

Step 1— place the pie in the freezer 1 come 2 hours before cutting. The nut pie should be firm and well chilled. The can even be frozen.

Step 2 — organize the bottom of the pie tin in one hand. Location a cutting plank on top of the pie and hold over the pie through your various other hand. Upper and lower reversal so the pie is rotate upside under on the cut board. Gently eliminate the pie tin.

Step 3 — usage a lengthy serrated knife come score the bottom of the crust. Witnessed gently to cut through the crust and also into the filling, yet not every the way through the pie.


Step 4 — Tilt the serrated knife to reduced through the crust in ~ the edge of the pie. Then cut through the various other edge.


Step 5 — as soon as you have actually mostly cut through the pie, push the serrated knife into the scored line and press down v both hand to reduced through the nuts.


Step 6 — Repeat two more times to reduced the pie into six slices. Shape the pie back together together you go.


Step 7 — put the tin ago on the bottom the the pie and hold with one hand. Choose up the cutting board v your various other hand and also flip over.

Step 8 — once done correctly, the nuts on optimal of the pie may not show up to be cut until you use the pie server to eliminate the very first piece.

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Step 9 — let the pie thaw to room temperature. Then serve and also enjoy!


Ready to try these tips for cutting the perfect part of pie? usage our Pie Finder to uncover Tippin’s pies near you, or order digital for house delivery.