Archery is scored by valuing each ring of the Archery target that the archers shoot at to score points. The center ring is worth 10 points and also the remainder of the rings space in sequential order from 9-1 inside to outside. If the arrow misses the target, no points are scored.

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The archers shoot the arrows at a target, usually put some street away (70 meters in the Olympics, yet usually much less for indoor archery). The closer come the facility the arrow is top top the target, the an ext points the archer earns. The center of the target is precious ten points and also each ring outwards is one point less. Because that example, the facility is precious ten points, the following ring is precious nine, climate eight, etc.

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Set mechanism Scoring

Since April of 2010, archery has been scored making use of a set system as opposed come the former 12 arrowhead match. During elimination rounds, three to adjust of 6 arrows are used. Meanwhile during the finals, five set of three arrows are used by each participant.

For each set won, a competitor receives two points. In the event of a tie, every participant it s okay one point. after ~ each challenger has taken their turn, the archer the has an ext points earned indigenous all 3 arrows will certainly win that individual set. The an initial to victory the majority of the possible sets (either two in a three collection match or 3 out of five in a five collection match) moves on come the next round. If neither challenger has won a bulk of the sets, the winner is chose via a one arrow shoot-off in between the two. In the shoot-off, whichever contender lands their solitary arrow closer to the middle of the target is named the winner. If the judge can"t identify which arrow is closest, they will certainly repeat the shoot-off to identify the winner.

Olympic Archery Scoring


Archery in the Olympics is composed of three different events: Individual, Team, and also Mixed Team. Scoring is slightly various in every event.

Individual Scoring

In the Olympics a complete of 128 archers compete in individual events, through 64 men and 64 females representing your country. In both competitions 64 archers shooting 72 full arrows each, damaged into 12 series of six arrows to receive their initial place in the competition. The total of points for all of their shots are added up, then put in a bracket. Then, the archers compete in head-to-head knockout rounds wherein they effort to outscore one-another.

In this knockout rounds, the set scoring system is used.

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The matchups are arranged with the highest and also lowest seeded archers going head come head, the second highest and second lowest competing versus one another, and also so on. Each archer is aiming to knife a total of six collection points, v each collection victory counting together two collection points and also each tie counting as one set point to each participant. The archer with the many points at the end of the head-to-head wins and moves onto the next round, until a last winner is determined. In the situation of a tie, the traditional one arrow shoot-off is provided to decide the winner.

Team and Mixed Team Scoring

In Olympic archery team matches and mixed team matches, the scoring is additionally done using the collection system. However, team matches usage sets special either six arrows (team matches) or 4 arrows (mixed team matches) together opposed come the timeless three arrow set you"d see in individual archery events.

Tie breakers in team and mixed team matches are cleared up by having each member of both groups shoot a singular arrow, alternating ago and forth in between the 2 teams. After every archer has actually shot your arrow, the team with the higher collective score in ~ the collection wins. However, if the match is quiet tied ~ the completion of this tie breaker set, the team who has actually an arrow closest come the facility of the target wins.