I'm getting more ram and I desire to understand how many pins my present ram has, due to the fact that it's clear compatable with my ingredient right now so as soon as I obtain the new ram the should have actually the exact same amount the pins right? Or can I get it through different quantities of pins? I understand the an easy stuff about ram and all that. If ns correct the yellow/gold lines whereby u insert the ram is the pins. The is hyperx rage 8gb(2x 4gb) and I didn't count everywhere near 200 pins(which ns think room the gold lines). If I'm untrue ease educate me. Ns can carry out further information in a comment if needed. Thank you.

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There are pins top top both sides.

An easier means to check compatibility is through type, with the design number published on the label. DDR3, or DDR4 for example.

There's most most likely an easier method to recognize what lamb you should get. First need to understand what kind of lamb it is prefer DDR3 or DDR4 secondly if it's in a SODIMM or DIMM form factor. DIMM is for desktop computer computers and SODIMM is for laptop computers / mobile computers (Small type factor)

If you're spring to uncover compatible storage then you're undoubtedly going about this the not correct way.

The just thing you must be concerned about for physics compatability is the kind (DIMM / SODIMM) and also generation (DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, DDR5, etc)

For laptops you're constantly dealing v SODIMM (excluding soldered memory), and also for desktops you're 99% that the time managing DIMM.

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Extra info: my motherboard is M5A78L-M, and the lamb I'm looking to obtain is HX318C10FWK2/16. )Sorry that's big, ns copy and paste it) will certainly this be compatable?

Ok so off of the comments its DIMM and also DDR3 and also the existing ram I have is 240pin, If ns got new ram go it need to be the exact same amount that pins?? ns made another comment that it, that HX318C10FWK2/16, i commented mine motherboard as well (Edit: fixed variety of pins I created I had)


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