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A cup is a volume measure - normally liquid, yet can be provided for dry products too. 8 oz of weight (which is just how cheese is usually sold) isn’t going to analyze to 8 fluid ounces, i beg your pardon is a cup. But, together someone sharp out, shredded cheese is usually around 4 ozs of weight to one cup.
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Yes. World confuse fluid (volume) ounces through weight ounces every the time. 8 oz by load of shredded cheese equates to 2 cup (16 oz) by volume.

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My knowledge is the the bulk of her food measure is through weight. Like: 4 grams the flour. Is this true?
My knowledge is that the bulk of your food measure up is by weight. Like: 4 grams of flour. Is this true?
Not because that shredded cheese. 4 oz = 1 cup, 8 oz = 2 cups.OP, i usually just take the ounces of cheese and grate it, without measuring out the finished grated cheese. No should compact it, as I"m measure by weight, no volume.
I loved teaching metric come kids. They have actually no idea how complicated the mechanism the learned (standard) yes, really is! while I would love the lull of the metric system, ns don"t think I"d love weighing things. I"m a girl who loves to scoop and also toss.
If you desire a REALLY an excellent pimiento cheese recipe I have actually your answer...Jack Allen"s Kitchen residence Made Pimiento CheeseI"m no a vast pimiento cheese fan yet I will certainly gobble this stuff down prefer there is no tomorrow.
My expertise is that the mass of your food measure is by weight. Like: 4 grams of flour. Is this true?
Seems choose a far much more accurate method to make a recipe. Uneven the united state where a cup that flour can range anywhere indigenous 3/4 c to 1 1/4 cups depending upon how much the cook packs the flour or filling the cup.

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For grated cheese 8 oz. = 2 cupsAlso, just a tip perform NOT use pre-shredded cheese once making pimento cheese - the is much better if friend grate it yourself
Seems choose a far an ext accurate means to make a recipe. Unlike the us where a cup the flour can selection anywhere from 3/4 c to 1 1/4 cups depending on how lot the chef packs the flour or filling the cup.
I have regularly thought that. Clearly in part recipes that doesn’t issue too much but for others it appears terribly fight or miss