Symbol: CrAtomic Number: 24Atomic Weight: 51.996Classification: shift metalPhase in ~ Room Temperature: SolidDensity: 7.19 grams per cm cubedMelting Point: 1907°C, 3465°FBoiling Point: 2671°C, 4840°FDiscovered by: N.L. Vauquelin in 1797Chromium is the very first element in the sixth column of the periodic table. That is classified as a transition metal. Chromium atoms have actually 24 electrons and 24 protons with the most abundant isotope having actually 28 neutrons.Characteristics and PropertiesUnder standard conditions chromium is a difficult silvery steel with a bluish tint. As soon as it is exposed come air a thin layer that chromium oxide develops over the surface ar which protects the metal from further reaction v the air. Chromium have the right to be polished to accomplish a shining mirror-like finish that is resistant to corrosion.For a metal, chromium is reasonably active and will reaction with countless other metals and also with oxygen. It will certainly not react with water.Chromium is known for that many vibrant compounds. These encompass chromium(III) oxide (green), lead chromate (yellow), anhydrous chromium(III) chloride (purple), and also chromium trioxide (red).Where is chromium found on Earth?Chromium is only discovered rarely as a free element in nature. That is mostly uncovered in ores scattered throughout the Earth"s crust wherein it is around the twenty-fourth most abundant element. The main ore the is mined for the manufacturing of chromium is cromite.

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How is chromium offered today?
Chromium is regularly mixed v other steels to make alloys. One of the most crucial chromium alloys is produced when chromium is blended with steel to make stainless steel. Stainless stole is strong and resistant to corrosion. Chromium is also used to create superalloys v nickel that are used in jet engines.Another well-known application because that chromium is together a shiny silver coating on metallic surfaces. It likewise provides corrosion protection.Because chromium compound come in together a selection of colors, that has also been used as a colours in paints. Among the most well-known colors do from chrome is yellow. Many school busses space painted in chrome yellow.Other applications for chromium include wood preservatives, tanning, together catalysts in commercial production, and magnets.How was it discovered?Chromium was found by French chemist Nicolas L. Vauquelin in 1797. He later on isolated the element and also gave the its name.Where go chromium obtain its name?Chromium it s okay its surname from the Greek indigenous "chroma" definition color. This surname was chosen because the element can form so many different colored compounds.IsotopesChromium has 4 stable isotopes that take place in nature including 50Cr, 52Cr, 53Cr, and also 54Cr v the majority of the chromium uncovered in nature being 52Cr.
Interesting Facts about Chromium
Rubies obtain their red shade from tiny traces of chromium.About half of all chromite ore is right now produced in southern Africa. Other large producers include Turkey and India.Some chromium link are thought about poisonous.More on the Elements and the periodic TableElementsPeriodic Table
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