You desire to understand how many movies deserve to fit top top 32GB right. Let’s just say the you have actually a good chance of storing the entire Lord the the rings movie collection……but that really depends on a selection of factors.

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Below I offer a quick overview as it relates come the storage volume of 32GB (Internal storage of your smartphone, SD card, MicroSD map or USB flash Drive.) friend should have a clear knowledge of the quantity of movie you deserve to copy…give or take it a few.

How countless Movies deserve to 32GB Hold?

In this day and age, 32GB is no a lot of storage an are and that deserve to be gobbled increase pretty quickly, particularly since paper sizes continue to walk up. Together it relates come movies, how much you deserve to fit ~ above a 32GB SD card/32GB MicroSD map or USB flash drive will certainly really depend on a variety of factors.

We use the median movie sizes currently easily accessible to give an introduction to the storage capacity of your 32GB device. You have to note the we room using averages and as such, your maker could hold a lot more or less, it will count on a variety of factors.

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Movie size used:

SD Movie from iTunes = 1.5GB (Average Size)

720p Movie indigenous iTunes = 4GB (Average Size)

1080p Movie indigenous iTunes = 5GB (Average Size)

DVD Rip (Pirated) = 700MB (Average Size)*

Blue beam Rip 720p (Pirated) = 1GB (Average Size)*

Blue beam Rip 1080p (Pirated) = 3.5GB (Average Size)*

Movie TypeMovie Size32 GB
SD Movie native iTunes1.5 GB21
720p Movie native iTunes4 GB8
1080p Movie indigenous iTunes5 GB6
DVD Rip (Pirated)700 MB45
Blue beam Rip 720p (Pirated)1 GB32
Blue ray Rip 1080p (Pirated)3.5 GB9

As you can see, you deserve to store a an excellent amount the movies/videos ~ above 32GB of space. You absolutely won’t have the ability to store your totality movie collection, yet if you just want come copy part to bring with friend on the go or save somewhere else, you deserve to hold almost everywhere from 9-21 (give or take), depending on the size.