One On-One-Tutoring

During private sessions, the tutor interacts v the learner, to manage and also supervise his/her occupational in process, in go after of prompt results.

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Translation Services

Aprenda Español offers experienced translation, interpretation, and transcription legal solutions with competent staff every year about when you need us!

Our Mission

To do a difference in the resides of the children, families and also adults, for this reason they deserve to reach a greater level the Spanish development. As skilled teacher-tutors, our primary mission is come children, families and adults who believe that tutors deserve to make a difference in the student’s education and also to carry out quality-tutoring program choosing a comfortable environment.

Tutoring Services

Aprenda Español tutors are easily accessible seven work a week, mostly after college hours and weekends.

Individual TutoringGroup InstructionIn-Home TutoringBefore & After institution TutoringLearning Spanish through MusicWeekend Tutoring

If guardian travels a street of an ext than seven miles there is one extra charge of $5.00 come cover gas expenses. Girlfriend don’t need to purchase any kind of material, books, or gives from us.

There is always an opportunity to publication a booked session and also arrange make ups. A twenty-four hours notification is required to reschedule a session.

Silvia Marina Campos attained her bachelor degree majoring in Psychology, a Multiple subject Teaching Credential with a BCLAD (accredited to teach in a twin language regimen English-Spanish), and also a Master level in Spanish literary works from California State University, Los Angeles.

She has been working for the Los Angeles Unified institution District because that 15 years. Silvia has actually been certificated to work with a “whole language approach” and likewise a “phonics” approach. She is qualified to work with the famous Open Court reading Program (k-6), which has a very solid emphasis ~ above teaching analysis through phonics, teaching to review is her most valuable expertise.

In addition, she has actually been trained to work-related with the math programs: Hartcourt and also Envision. Also, she is an professional on LAUSD’s alternate lessons, which emphasis is to job-related on hands-on math utilizing manipulatives, or teaching type concrete to abstract.

Working in Los Angeles’ school, has also given she the possibility to combine ESL lessons (English together a 2nd language) in her daily teaching. She has used the English breakthrough Program into English.

As a Multiple topic teacher, she has additionally been teaching various other subject locations such together Social Studies, Science, and Health.

Silvia has actually been influenced by her students come write children books. She is expecting to publish children books soon.

Silvia Marina Campos: clean Multiple subject Teaching Credential #090063745


Manuel Olmos completed his bachelor level majoring in Child breakthrough (Early boy Credential) at California State University, Los Angeles and also studied Spanish in the very same university. He likewise attained a certificate in the non-profit people at the “Department that the American Humanity”. He finished the compelled courses top top “Adult Supervision and Administration”. In addition, as a indigenous Spanish speaker Manuel Olmos graduated from High institution in his native nation El Salvador and also has traveled about many Latinamerican nations learning your own ways of speak Spanish. He studied music in ~ Pasadena City College and also is a former substitute teacher through the Los Angeles Unified institution District. That has devoted himself functioning as a tutor for Spanish, language (reading and also writing).

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Manuel Olmos is a talented musician. He videotaped a Spanish Music CD for children. His CD is an anthology of plenty of of the nursery rhymes that Spanish kids sing and play. The is also very involved in the Latino Community. His ar contribution in education and learning and culture has been recognized several times by regional authorities and also by his own community. In 2008, ~ finishing his homeland tour title “For our Children”, he got an compensation from the “Foreign to adjust of El Salvador”. Also he has actually received plenty of other awards for his social contribution in the city of Los Angeles.