The ten year run of the Jeep Liberty was fraught with setbacks and also design flaws. Although some have claimed to achieve good longevity from your Libertys, it would certainly seem to depend on which model you chose.

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So how numerous miles can a Jeep Liberty last? part models failing at the 50,000-mile mark and some getting to 300,000 miles and 15 years v no significant issues. The very first generation 2002-2008 had the most problems, through 2006 being the worst. 2009-2012 Liberty’s fared better.

If girlfriend would like to recognize which Liberty models fared best, us have broken down the years and also models for you come ensure the your Liberty will have actually a better chance of being one the lasts.


Why was the Jeep Liberty discontinued?

There were a variety of components that were behind the discontinuation the the Jeep Liberty. The standard factor was the the Liberty failed to accomplish the 2007 emissions traditional for diesel engines in America, but other considerations had actually their play.

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic security Administration) to be conducting investigations of burns and wounds from faulty airbag inflation and gas tank problems that had claimed lives. Libertys were recalled in the 2004-2007 selection for regulate arms rusting and also cracking and there to be multiple complaints around differential leaks. The simulated crash check results also left some significant questions about Liberty’s structural integrity.

One the the biggest reasons to be the post-2008 relaunch decline in sales once consumers found that the 2002-2007 models’ failures continued to be the same. The whole run that the Liberty was rife v complaints and user dissatisfaction.

Is the Jeep Liberty reliable?

The ten-year lifespan of the Jeep Liberty was rife with problems and safety involves that cost lives. One of the models through the worst complaints to be the 2006 version, and the least complaints to be the 2009-2012 models. However, the 2nd generation may still it is in a gamble, and also you need to seriously take into consideration your choices carefully.

Many owners of Libertys discovered that an especially the V6 models gave engine troubles at the 100k miles and also needed repairs. Infection issues, failing window controls, and airbag failures to be rife and also the journey uncomfortable.

Despite the window, sunroof, and corrosion failures, the Liberty still manages to organize its reputation for durability and reliability. Motor and also Wheels discovered the Liberty Jeep has actually a high average lifespan that 10-15 years and also from 150, 000 to 300,000 miles on the clock.

When considering if liberty for purchase, you should consider the models and their linked problems.


What was the finest Year for Jeep Liberty?

2002 Jeep Liberty

The 2002 Liberty had difficulties from the start, v the NHTSA receiving lot of complaints about faulty seatbelt and airbag function. Airbags were set off for no reason or failed come deploy in accidents. There were additionally reports that liberty crashes transforming into fires (55) and injuries and two deaths due to malfunction. The Institute because that Highway Safety provided the 2002 liberty poor rear crash ratings and barely average overall crash test simulations scores.

2003 Jeep Liberty

The 2003 Liberty had issues with their reduced ball joints in your front suspensions, resulting in the manage arm come break. The exact same rear-end collision worry persisted follow me with window regulator issues.

2004 Jeep Liberty

The 2004 Liberty ongoing to have home window and suspension issues. There to be a recall that 239,000 about the rear lower regulate arm.

2005 Jeep Liberty

The 2005 design had troubles with the gas tank overflowing as soon as filling up. Suspension and home window issues persist in addition to faulty regulate arms and rear affect fires. 250,000 Liberts were recalled because of automatic infection cap plug fails.

2006 Jeep Liberty

The worst year of the Jeep liberty models. The widow difficulties persisted v windows falling through the door panel and also smashing. Rear influence fire loss were prevalent, and lower round joint concerns continued. Recalls were produced overheating ventilators and also AC blower horns. Rear crash safety concerns were again one issue.

2007 Jeep Liberty

An advancement on the 2006 yet still issues of window regulators persist together with gas tank overflow. Recalls the previous years persist.

2008 Jeep Liberty

Along through the gas tank overflow, 2008 had issues with faulty TIPMs. This total incorporated power modules (a form of the digital brain) were riddled with problems and also malfunctioned often. There to be recalls that 62, 000 models for journey shaft problems that brought about airbag deployment.

2009 Jeep liberty

A much more successful version than the ahead Libertys. There were still worries with fuel systems and also TIPM issues, yet this version was not too poor overall.

2010 Jeep Liberty

TIPM issues persist, and also the overflowing gas tank is quiet a problem. There was a 20,000 car recall for faulty brake boosters and also hydraulic regulate unit issues.

2011 Jeep Liberty

Although the behind crash test ratings improved, the 2011 liberty still had overflowing fuel tanks and TIPM issues. There were two serious problems of the energetic headrest no deploying in a crash and malfunctioning head restraints no deploying, affect 442,000 vehicles.

2012 Jeep Liberty

The last year the the Liberty still had actually problems. The TIPM to be a disaster, and also there to be still airbag issues. Number of hundred thousand vehicles were impacted by the active headrest fail to deploy.

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The Jeep Liberty is a blended bag with numerous lemons inside, i m sorry all affect on how long the Jeep Liberty have the right to last. Take care to thoroughly inspect your prospective Liberty because that model-specific issues and also do your homework. Some Jeep Libertys might last as much as 15 years through care and also regular services; you just need come make sure that it is the ideal one.