American rapper, actor, and composer Bizzy Bone has a network worth the $2 million in 2021.

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Bone is well-known for hisdouble harmony choruses, rapid-fire raps, among other skills.

He is the youngest member of the Cleveland rap cumulative Bone Thugs N Harmony.

With the group, he has actually won a Grammy award in ‘Best Rap power by a group or a Duo’ because that ‘Tha Crossroads.’

Bizzy Bone poses for a photo.

Also, they have two American Music Awards and a heart Train Music Award.

Further, the is known for access time such together Nobody have the right to Stop Me, Fried Day, top top the Freeway, Bone Thugs, maybe You have the right to Hold Me, provide Up The Ghost, Thugs require Love Too, etc.

Moreover, he has actually released 15 solo albums and also has 11 albums with Bone Thugs N Harmony.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts around Bizzy Bone:

Full NameBryon Anthony Mccane II
Net Worth$2 Million
Birth Date12 September 1976
Known asBizzy Bone, RIP Lil Ripsta, Gambino, The Kid, Midwest Cowboy
Age45 years Old
Birth PlaceColombus, Ohio, joined States
EthnicityItalian, African-American
EducationNot Available
Zodiac SignVirgo
Father’s NameRobert Floyd McCane
Mother’s NameRoseanna McCane
SiblingsHope McCane, pagan McCane, Cassy McCane, Adrien Parlette
Height5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Weight78 kg (171 pounds)
Sexual OrientationStraight
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
ProfessionRapper, Actor, Score Composer
GenreHip-Hop, Midwest HipHop, Chopper
LabelsRuthless, Mo Thugs Record, BNTH Records, Virgin, Universal, SMC, real Talk Ent, Platinum, Warner Bros, Sumerian, 7th sign
AssociationsEazy-E, Bone Brothers, 2Pac, bad Azz, DMX, Puff Daddy, Jim Jones, Lil Flip, Adina Howard, The infamous BIG, DJ Quik
Active Years1992-Present
Marital StatusMarried
GirlfriendJessica Nancy Cassidy
ChildrenBreena McCane, Tray McCane, Destiny McCane, Bryan McCane, Sarina McCane, Shelby McCane, Shanika McCane, Jessy Anthony McCane, Aaliyah McCane
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter, Facebook, Deezer, Youtube
Last UpdateSeptember, 2021

Bizzy Bone net Worth and also Income

Bryon McCane’s (Bizzy Bone) net worth together of 2021 is $2 million.

His occupational in music through the Bone Thugs N Harmony and his solo career have propelled his wide range to such an amount.

In 1995, he earned $1.56 million v the RIAA platinum-certified Bone Thugs N Harmony album ‘E. 1999 Eternal.’

Likewise, that made $1.47 million in 1997 through record sales because that The art of War.

His renowned solo album ‘The Gift’ gave in $1.29 million because that the rapper.

Also, he obtained $563,000 because that the gold-certified Heavenz’ Movie album.

Besides, he got $1.38 million from BNTHResurrection,$582k from strength & Loyalty, and also $1.45 million native Thug people Order.

Bizzy Bone net Worth in different Currencies

We have noted the network worth that Bizzy Bone in different Currencies:

CurrencyNet Worth
Euro€ 1,704,190
Pound Sterling£ 1,457,970
Australian DollarA$ 2,760,850
Canadian DollarC$ 2,522,650
Indian Rupee₹ 148,372,000
BitCoin฿ 41

Bizzy Bone: Houses

In December 2020, Bone posted a video on his channel Jam tv offering a tourism of his residence with his wife.

They only provided a tourism of the very first floor together they to be still functioning on the second floor.

Moreover, the house has actually cherry oak hardwood steps, a comfy life space, a dining area, and an elliptical machine.


Bizzy Bone: Lifestyle and also Vacations


Bizzy Bone is a devout vegan, and also he turned for this reason after ending up being a dad to look at after his health.

He has also given up on drinking carbonated beverages such as Pepsi, sodas, etc.

Bizzy Bone and also his mates.

Further, that has obtained himself inked everywhere his body. Bone has actually tattoos top top his neck, back, arms, etc.

Besides, he has actually expressed his fondness for his $650 Yeezy 350 an increase V2 ‘Zebra.’


In 2016, Bizzy had a good time in new Zealand, whereby he carry out in the Block Party Festival, i beg your pardon featured Twista, DJ Quik, Mobb Deep, Tha Dogg, Che Fu, The Krates, etc.

Bizzy Bone: Charity

In 2015, Bone performed in ~ the Elevate Genius Socially conscious Concert and charity occasion in California.

Also, the rapper has actually performed through Krayzie Bone in ~ Pretty Lou’s birthday charity program held by Fat Joe in 2017.

Besides, he offered a airplane ticket in 2019 to a stranded Japanese rapper come get back home.

Bizzy Bone: Media, Endorsements, Investments, and Book Publications


Bizzy Bone has actually acted in What Now, Rebel Invasion, throat Alley, and also Jacked.

Besides, he has likewise featured in the documentaries: Jug tape Hokum, Bone Thugs N Harmony: from Cleveland come the World, The strength of Words, The Wordz Project, etc.

In 2002, Bone appeared in FOX’s America’s most Wanted, wherein he unpacked his unstable & abusive childhood and performed A.M.W to encourage abused youngsters to speak out.

Further, the rapper has showed up in a guest duty in the shows Hotboxin’ v Mike Tyson, The Domenick Nati Show, The Playboy Morning Show, inspect It Out! Video, E/W roadway to Ether, etc.

Meanwhile, the has additionally been the sheathe star for the BMR magazine in 2010.


Bizzy Bone is affiliated as the CEO of only One Media Group, the front desk of Oraclez Entertainment.

Currently, the is signed with his very own record label, 7th sign Records.



Bizzy Bone has initiated the 7th sign Recordsto produce the music native his solo career.

He also has been into investing in Bitcoins from an early stage and suggests human being do the same.

Besides, he is setting up an online store for his merchandise, and also it should be open up soon.

Book Publications

He has actually published one autobiography named Bizzy By an option Bone by Blood: “Inside a Bizzy Mindin 2012.

In addition, he talks about his life, music, business, and also deep-rooted belief in spirituality in the book.

Bizzy Bone: Career

Bizzy Bone started his solo music job in 1998, release the Heaven’z Movie album, i m sorry garnered vital acclaim and also was gold-certified by the RIAA.

Subsequently, he exit the album ‘The Gift’ in 2001, and it peaked at number 2 on the Billboard live independence Albums chart.

He likewise released ‘Alpha and Omega,’ ‘The Story,’ ‘Midwest Cowboy,’ etc. To strongly confident reviews.

Bizzy Bone throughout a performance.

Then, he rejoined with Layzie Bone in 2008 to create Bone Brothers, releasing two albums.

He released his 10th studio album, ‘Carbon Monoxide,’ in 2019, which gone into the iTunes chart at #3.

In 2020, he released his follow-up album named ‘The Mantra‘ ~ above the occasion of his 44th birthday, and also it debuted in ~ number 4 ~ above the iTunes chart.


3 Facts around Bizzy Bone

Bizzy Bone had actually recorded his first album at the tender period of 17.

He has been to a psychiatrist many times because of his uneasy mental status.

Bone was as soon as sued for supposedly assaulting a barber. However, that was showed false in the court.

Bizzy Bone: social Media Presence

Bizzy Bone is quite active on Instagram and makes constant posts around his tasks and work.

He has a Youtube channel, JAM TV, devoted to his boy Jesse Anthony McCane(JAM). There, he short articles videos about his life and also music.

Instagram – 347k followers

Twitter – 41.1k followers

Facebook – 447k followers

Deezer – 11,408 fans

Youtube (JAM tv) – 154k subscribers

Further, he has actually a personal website called iambizzybone.

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Quotes the Bizzy Bone

“Well, I should be close come the Armageddon lord you know. That ns won’t paris by that lesson you taught me come pull out my wesson you lugged me and also am ns stressing the softly gain ’em up off me reason all.”

“Runnin’ with the alley and also into the melee. Upon the 2nd the sundown. Those run from January, November, December mental the 1st of the month.”


What is the name of Bizzy Bone’s latest album?

The latest album of Bizzy Bone is named ‘The Mantra.’

Why to be Bizzy Bone eliminated from Bone Thugs N Harmony?

Bizzy Bone was eliminated from Bome Thugs N Harmony in 2003 together he appeared drunk to the group’s Grey Goose tour.