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Y- simply curious, why perform you worry around strokes or flake counts. I have never had any type of customer ask because that a different variety of "flakes" or sections together we called them as youngsters. I watch a many comment around it on these forums, simply don"t recognize what the big deal is. If you room running in ~ the designated rate or slightly lower if the is her taste, and you space feeding the baler through a reasonable amount of hay based on ground speed and windrow bulk the rest really doesn"t matter does it?
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I feel choose it"s something choose 14-18, relying on bale length, yet you can definitely go lower prior to you begin getting negative quality bales. That said, i agree v hayman.

Hayman, it gives you a much better handle on maintaining a details bale size when using various accumulators and bandits and also barons, the require certain bale lengths. Once you obtain "off" in stroke counting at a certain speed you recognize it is time to make adjustments either up or down(either hay dry or boosting in moisture) to maintain your essential length. Just an additional tool.Regards, Mike
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Mike- that explains my ignorance on the issue. I have either used drop and pick or Kicker wagons every my hay life. Never any accumulators. Nice thing around kicker wagons, lock willingly accept whales, blimps, flybys(well they don"t really record them) and smalls without complaint. Only had actually one customer complain on size variation and when she want to choose bales, ns told her she can pick all the bales she wanted for $10/bale once hay was going for 4-5. That cured the problem.
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I agree with VOL, if you space hand picking and stacking it provides very little difference. If you are using a bale wagon, they are sensitive to longer or shorter bales. They prefer consistency. The goal is to operation a speed that keeps the bales the same length and also uses the baler come it"s potential. The last point you want is to crowd it sufficient that the spits the end bales that differ by 6 inches or an ext in length, either much shorter or longer. Because that us, here, the optimum stroke count is 13 come 16 strokes.I realize that the windrow has as lot to carry out with bale size as baler strokes does, however it is simpler to take one of the variables out of the equation.
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Folks the feed steeds seem come like around a 2-3" special flake.The size of flake is the +/- variation the a fine tuned baler will do. Because that example, through 2" flakes you will acquire at least 2" more likely 4" sports in a perfect setup baler.One of ours balers the tiny notches on the measuring wheel gained smooth and would slip and also spit the end an extra 12" every for this reason often.

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I previously asked a similar question here - someone advised 9 to 14 strokes per bale. And also that seems around right. The old NHs it seems ~ to do the best bales once they room neither starved for hay in the choose up or struggling to store up. I operation mine slightly listed below 540, (1600 rpm top top the MF 281 and also 1800 top top the MF 4609) and gear up or under according to the windrow size. If the son on the wagon can"t keep up - I include another kid. My old balers favor dry hay ideal - if baling in high humidity I usage preservative and also have to ease the tension ideal off.
Believe that or not, we bought several of the neighbors hay and also most that our client asked united state why the flakes were so large - he runs 1 baler too quick to save ahead that his wagon. Many of the steed folks feed hay by the number of flakes..... "Give each horse 2 flakes right now....." that really goofs them up as soon as they get to a 6inch flake vs a 2 customs one...... If the windrows are very even, a guy can run under to about 9 flakes every bale without too much trouble indigenous the wagon guy, yet 12-14 renders a lot nicer bale, and also they are much more uniform.Rodney
I have had actually a couple of steed hay customers comment on flake size. They it seems to be ~ to prefer a 2"-3" flake. As declared earlier, the bales are more uniform if flake/strokes are consistent. We shoot for 15-20 strokes/bale on a 36" bale. The accumulator and also grapple like this size and when stacked in the barn, the stacks room much an ext stable. Speak of strokes/bale, that"s why I favor an open station tractor when square baling. I just can"t listen the baler working well sufficient in a cab. I prefer to hear to the strokes and also knotters walking off. If the heat in consistent, no problem, set the speed and gear and close the window and turn on the A/C and radio and also any idiot deserve to square bale. If the ar varies though, a guy needs to be paying fist to the baler.The only acual complaint I"ve ever had is with bale weight. Few of ladies don"t choose our really tight bales. Our run about 60# v a 36" bale. We might make "em less however #1, the grapple handle "em better, and also #2, I believe in providing a person their moneys worth. If we were handling by hand, I"d more than likely lighten "em increase some. I"m just getting to old and also lazy to litter 60# idiot bricks in the sun and heat this days!,,,