Our world-famous Dunkin’ Munchkins® Donut hole Treats have been a pan favorite because that as long as we can remember. Today, we’re offering you an inside look in ~ everyone’s favorite delectable donut treats. Us sat down with our an extremely own Manager that Donut Excellence below at Dunkin’, rick Golden, to acquire the inside scoop on these bite-size delights. Read an ext below!


Q: when were Munchkins® Donut hole Treats introduced?

A: Munchkins® Donut hole Treats made your debut top top Dunkin’ menus in the beforehand 1970s. I remember buying Munchkins® Donut hole Treats because that myself as a child with money native my record route! lock were developed as a means to exploit the overabundance dough reduced out that the centers of our donuts and quickly became a pan favorite.

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Q: just how are Munchkins® Donut feet Treats made?

A: After your innovative start, we emerged cutters specifically for ours Munchkins® Donut feet Treats, now cut in an automatic format.

Q: How many Munchkins® Donut feet Treats equal one donut?

A: This is just one of the most generally asked inquiries we get around our Munchkins® Donut feet Treats! Based on life weight, roughly 5 cake Munchkins® Donut hole Treats equate come one cake donut, and a little under 5 yeast Munchkins® Donut feet Treats equate come one yeast donut.

Q: What is the most popular Munchkins® Donut feet Treats flavor?

A: Jelly, glazed and also chocolate often tend to be the many popular, yet let’s be moral – they’re all delicious! chocolate coconut would certainly be the one ns reach for, personally, where available.

Q: are there any especially distinctive Munchkins® Donut feet Treats flavors out there?

A: It’s always fun as soon as we create limited-time flavors in the Munchkins® Donut feet Treats format. It offers our guest a good way to sample some of our brand-new treats and also innovative flavors. Several of my favorites have been red velvet, buttermilk, and confetti Munchkins® Donut feet Treats.

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Q: How numerous Munchkins® Donut hole Treats does Dunkin’ sell in a year?

A: We’re at this time tallying around 3.3 billion full donuts and also Munchkins® Donut feet Treats offered in a year!

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