Shredding cabbage for coleslaw, soups, or salads doesn’t need to be an overwhelming or complicated! Skip the prepacked ingredient and try one of these easy techniques for fresh, perfectly textured shredded cabbage.

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How to Prep your Cabbage

Rinse the cabbage under cold to run water and pat the exterior dry. Pull off and discard any kind of wilted or damaged external leaves.

Place the cabbage top top the cutting board v the core end against the board. Utilizing the chef’s knife, cut the cabbage in fifty percent vertically through the core. Cut each fifty percent vertically again through the core, creating 4 wedges.


Position a cabbage wedge with one the the cut sides facing down ~ above the cut board. With the knife, make one angled reduced into the cabbage to eliminate the core. Repeat with remaining 3 wedges.


Shred The Cabbage

With a knife:Slice every of the cabbage wedges into shreds. Slicing follow me the upright edge will certainly make longer shreds; slicing follow me the horizontal yields much shorter lengths.


With a mandolin: Use the tongue of your preferred thickness and also carefully operation the wedge that cabbage follow me the mandolin with the cut edge down. (I like this mandolin the comes through cut-resistant gloves.)


With a vegetable peeler:Use a vegetable peeler and also “peel” the inside and also coreless cut edge that the cabbage.


Top Tricks

Use a sharp knife! It may seem counterintuitive, but a sharp knife is less likely to reduced you than a dull one. Through a sharp knife, girlfriend don’t need to press down virtually as difficult cut, do slipping and also cutting other things (like yourself) less likely.Remember to also cut away from her body instead of towards. The motion might seem a bit strange if you’re provided to cut the other direction, but, again, you’re means less most likely to reduced yourself!One tool head that cabbage makes about 8 cups of shredded cabbage.If you’re no using every one of your cabbage in ~ once, you deserve to wrap the separation, personal, instance wedges tightly in plastic wrap or add the shredded cabbage come an airtight container. Save in the crisper that the refrigerator for 2 days approximately 1 week.

Quick Coleslaw through Shredded Cabbage

A bag the coleslaw mix usually consists of a combination that red and also green cabbage, as well as sometimes sliced carrots or broccoli. Include whatever veggies girlfriend like!

This recipe is from my insanely renowned Egg role in a Bowl.

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3/4 – 1 cup shredded green cabbage3/4 – 1 cup shredded red cabbage3 tablespoons coconut aminos1 tablespoon rice alcohol vinegar1/8 – 1/4 teaspoon white pepper or black peppersalt to taste

Add the an initial 4 ingredients to a bowl, add to white pepper and also salt come taste, and stir till well combined. You can keep it cool or sauté in a skillet. If cooking, stir consistently until the cabbage is tender, around 5 minutes.