Even though I prefer to bake and also cook a lot, I rarely use powdered sugar. That is only as soon as I’m in the atmosphere for part sinful calorie that ns decide come prepare a cooking recipes that requires this ingredient.

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That’s why ns wasn’t an extremely familiar with powdered sugar, and I rarely keep it in the kitchen. When I require it, I just go to the grocery store store and buy it.

Cups In A lb Of Powdered Sugar

But exactly how much? This is tricky because it relies on the recipe and even top top the form of powdered sugar.

This info alone is enough to provide you a headache but lucky you, i baked donuts last week, for this reason I’ve done all the study for you.

In this article, I’ll define how numerous cups in a pound of powdered sugar, and also give you some other valuable tips too.

What renders powdered sugar special?


And now, come answer the big question – how numerous cups there room in a lb of powdered sugar?

This information will be handy, particularly in recipes the require an exact measurements.

However, the prize is no that simple.

Why? due to the fact that not every powdered sugars are the same, and the number of cups varies depending upon whether the sugar is sifted or unsifted.

It is assumed that unsifted powdered sugar contains about three and 3/4 cups in a pound. Unsifted, a lb of powdered sugar actions as four and 1/2 cups.

The volume likewise varies, since finer granules of sugar an outcome in much more volume. Friend will boost the volume the the street if friend sift that right prior to measuring.

When you are analysis recipes, make certain you pay attention to the kind of sugar the is required.

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How to measure powdered sugar?


If the package to be on the shelf or in your pantry because that a long time, the sugar might develop hardened lumps from absorbed moisture from the air.

This could completely ruin her recipe (particularly frostings and icings), so if you notice any lumps, be prepared to sift the sugar.

How come sift powdered sugar?


This is a fairly easy process.

You should prepare a hand-cranked sifter, a vast bowl, and fine mesh strainer.

To sift the sugar, hold the sifter above the bowl, power a spoonful of powdered sugar in it, and also shake the strainer gently.

If you don’t have actually a sifter, you have the right to remove the hardened lumps by stirring the powdered sugar v a wire whisk or a fork.

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Final word

When the recipe requires a certain variety of powdered sugar cups, you need to understand how many pounds come buy.

I expect this text has actually helped you deal with the an enig that has actually been tormenting the bakers and cooking enthusiasts for centuries now.

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Just remember the there is a big difference in between sifted and also unsifted sugar (approximately two-quarters that a cup).