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Current: PS 92(10.1), Tables and Equivalents for natural Gas and also Propane for Motor automobile Fuels Tax objectives

PS 92(10.1)

Tables and Equivalents for organic Gas and also Propane because that Motor car Fuels tax Purposes

This publication has actually been quote inSN 95(3),SN 95(4),SN 95(14)andSN 95(20)

This publication has been superseded bySN 2014(2)

BACKGROUND: because that motor automobile fuels tax purposes, "fuels" is defined by Conn. Gen. Stat. Secg-tower.comion 12-455a(b) as an interpretation "(1) fuel as defined in secg-tower.comion 14-1 and (2) any type of other flammability gas or liquid perfect for the generation of power to propel motor vehicles." This definition includes herbal gas and also propane, as well as other fuel in gaseous form.

Until policy Statement 92(10) to be issued, the Department had actually not noted information worrying the computation of taxes on motor car fuels developing in gas form. Plan Statement 92(10) provided facg-tower.comors because that determining the quantity of herbal gas in gaseous type that is indistinguishable to one gallon of gasoline. Those counter facg-tower.comors were came down on by comparing the number of BTUs (British thermal Units) created by the combustion of a gallon of gasoline with the number of BTUs created by the burning of 100 cubic feet of organic gas. The is, PS 92(10) dubbed for gasoline and also motor auto fuels emerging in gaseous kind to be decreased to a typical unit of measure (BTUs). Therefore, implicitly in PS 92(10) to be a plan of counting motor car fuels not on a per-gallon basis, but according to their BTU producg-tower.comion. The Department has now determined that the plan implied in PS 92(10) is flawed.

PURPOSE: The objective of this policy Statement is to create a new approach to computer the tax applied on motor car fuels in gaseous form. The tax on herbal gas in gaseous kind shall it is in computed top top the basis of its liquid gallon equivalent. Similarly, the taxes on propane in gaseous form (compressed propane) shall it is in computed ~ above the basis of its fluid gallon equivalent.

STATUTORY AUTHORITY: Conn. Gen. Stat. Secg-tower.comions 12-458(a) and also 12-455a(b).

EFFEcg-tower.comIVE DATE: This plan Statement shall take it November 1, 1993.


"PROPANE" way a gas paraffin hydrocarbon, which becomes fluid under push or reduced temperatures, naturally emerging in crude oil petroleum and natural gas and additionally obtained through cracking, even if it is in gaseous or fluid form.

COMPRESSED PROPANE (GASEOUS FORM) EQUIVALENCY INFORMATION: in ~ 14.73 lbs. Of press per square inch (psi) and also 60 degrees Fahrenheit:

1 cubic foot propane = 0.0278 gallons propane 100 cubic feet propane = 2.78 gallons propane 1 gallon propane = 35.97 cubic feet propane 100 gallons propane = 3597 cubic feet propane

"NATURAL GAS" way naturally emerging mixtures that hydrocarbon gases and also vapors consist of principally the methane, even if it is in gaseous or fluid form.

NATURAL GAS (GASEOUS FORM) EQUIVALENCY INFORMATION: in ~ 14.73 lbs. Of pressure per square inch (psi) and 60 levels Fahrenheit:

1 cubic foot herbal gas = 0.012 gallons herbal gas 100 cubic feet natural gas = 1.2 gallons herbal gas 1 gallon organic gas = 82.62 cubic feet herbal gas 100 gallons organic gas = 8262 cubic feet organic gas

A "British thermal Unit" (Btu) is the amount that heat compelled to advanced the temperature that one pound of water one level Fahrenheit.

A "cubic foot" is a conventional unit of gas measurement and is defined as the quantity of gas occupying a cubic foot of space at a pressure of 30 inch of mercury (approximately 14.7 psi) and a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

A "gallon" is a measure up of volume equivalent to 231 cubic inches. When supplied as a typical unit of measure up for liquid organic gas and other liquid fuels, it describes a gallon of fluid fuel in ~ a temperature of 60 levels Fahrenheit.

To transform liters come gallons, the amount of liters candlestick be multiplied by 0.26417 to identify the tantamount quantity in gallons.

When essential to for temperature and pressure (i.e., when motor vehicle fuels are not measured in ~ 14.73 psi or 60 levels Fahrenheit), describe the National academy of requirements and an innovation Handbook No. 44 (1991) because that the suitable correcg-tower.comional facg-tower.comors. the THIS DOCUMENT: A plan Statement is a document that defines in depth a present Department plan or pracg-tower.comice affecg-tower.coming the legal responsibility of taxpayers. A policy Statement indicates the Department"s informal translate of Connecg-tower.comicut tax law and also may be described for general guidance by taxpayers or taxation pracg-tower.comitioners.

See more: Does Chocolate Syrup Need To Be Refrigerated, Does Hershey Syrup Go Bad ON other DOCUMENTS: PS 92(10) is superseded and also may no much longer be relied upon as of the effecg-tower.comive day of this policy Statement. This policy Statement modifies SN 93(8) and SN 93(9).