Learn how numerous cups in a 12-ounce cacao chip bag. Discover basic conversions, plus tips to make her baking better.

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You have actually your bag of coco chips. You have your coco chip cookie recipe. Simply one problem. The cacao chip bag label reads 12 ounces and also your recipe has measurements in cups. To make the recipe, you require to know 12 ounces of chocolate chips equals how plenty of cups?

Weight is the many effective means to measure ingredients. Specifically when you space baking. A an excellent baking cooking recipes will constantly include every ingredient’s weight.

But if you execute not have a kitchen scale, you might need to recognize how numerous cups 12 ounces of chocolate fills. A bag with 12 ounces coco chips equates to 2 cups. This way 1 cup of chocolate chips equals 6 ounces.

You may likewise be interested in just how many coco chips in one ounce, number of chocolate chips in a tablespoon, and how many chocolate chips in a cup. And if you are wondering, there really is the right way to measure coco chips.

Chocolate Chip brand


Most major chocolate chip manufacturers create a 12-ounce bag of coco chips. This is a bag that semi-sweet, continual size cacao chips.

Nestle toll fee House, Hershey’s, Guittard, Ghirardelli, and Kroger brand sell 12-ounce bags that semi-sweet coco chips. Rip the bag open up for a quick, easy two cups of chocolate chips.

Package load is sometimes based on the size of the coco chips (standard, mini, or chunk). Package load is often smaller 보다 12 ounces as soon as the chocolate chip is smaller sized than the traditional sized chip. Twelve ounces is 340 grams of coco chips. The load unit is listed on each bag of coco chips.

For example, Nestle Toll house sells a 12 oz package of semi-sweet chocolate chip morsels. However their mini chocolate chips come in a 10 oz package. What around chocolate chunks? castle come in a 11.5 oz package.

Ghirardelli has a 12 oz package of standard chocolate chips, yet a 10 oz parcel of mini cacao chips.

I’m sure the variety of ounces in a parcel is all about the price to develop the item and nothing to carry out with the volume.

What around Different species of Chocolate?


Nestle Toll residence sells dark cacao in 10 oz, milk chocolate in 11.5 oz, and also white coco in 12 oz.

Guittard selling unsweetened cacao chips in 8.5 oz bags. Milk chocolate and also extra dark coco chips come in 11.5 oz bags.

Ghirardelli had similar variations in the weight of packages with different varieties of chocolate. Ghirardelli milk coco chips come in 11.5 oz bags, white coco chips in 11 oz bags, bittersweet cacao chips come in 10 oz bags, and unsweetened chocolate chips are offered in 8.5 oz bags.

Hershey’s to be the just brand I found that offered mini cacao chips, semi-sweet, and special dark coco in 12-ounce bags. The only difference was Hershey’s milk chocolate. It was packaged in 11.5 ounces.

Will 2 ounces do a difference in her recipe?

With bags of chocolate chips fluctuating in weight between ½ come 2 ounces, will you notification a distinction in your recipe?

If you room measuring by volume (measuring cup), friend will more than likely see the each chocolate chip package has around 2 united state cups of cacao chips. And also two cups are among the most typical recipe requirements for chocolate chip cookies. In fact, many recipes for cacao chip cookies published on the coco chip bag will certainly just speak to for the whole bag.

Bottom line – girlfriend will probably not an alert a difference in her recipe. If it calls for 2 cups (12 oz) of coco chips and also you use a whole bag that Ghirardelli cacao chips (11.5 oz), you will certainly not notification anything amiss in the cookie.

However, melted cacao is an exception. You may need to adjust the amount of humidity in the recipe if you execute not use the correct load of chocolate.

How plenty of Cups of coco Chips in 6 oz? 24 oz? 36 oz? 72 oz?

In addition to 12 oz packages that semi-sweet cacao chips, Nestle Toll house sells other sized bags too. Standard size cacao chips come in 6 oz, 24 oz, 36 oz, and 72 oz. Therefore how plenty of cups room in each of this bags? Let’s break it down.

6 oz = 1 cup of cacao chips12 oz = 2 cups of chocolate chips24 oz = 4 cup of cacao chips36 oz = 6 cups of cacao chips72 oz = 12 cups of cacao chipsOz of coco Chips (Weight)Cups of chocolate Chips (Volume)
6 oz1 cup coco chips
12 oz2 cups coco chips
24 oz4 cups chocolate chips
36 oz6 cups cacao chips
72 oz12 cups chocolate chips

How plenty of Cups Dark cacao Chips in various Size Packages

Nestle Toll residence Dark cacao chips come in 10, 20, and also 40 oz packages. However how numerous cups in each of these packages?


10 oz = 13/5 cups dark chocolate20 oz = 1¼ cup dark chocolate40 oz = 2½ cups dark chocolate

12 Ounces coco Chips equates to How plenty of Cups?

Twelve ounces of cacao chips amounts to 2 cups. The cacao chips may be large, medium, or small. However when they weigh 12 ounce, rest assured you have actually two cups.

Here are some much more chocolate chip conversions:

6 ounces cacao chips = 1 cup3 ounces coco chips = ½ cup1½ ounces chocolate chips = ¼ cup

Is 8 oz of chocolate chips one cup?

There are only 6 ounces of chocolate chips in one cup. This may be confusing due to the fact that 8 US liquid ounces equates to 1 liquid cup. A dried cup measure and also a fluid cup measure have various weights.

With dried ingredients, volume (the amount of an are the article takes up) is crucial part that the weight. The volume that one cup of coco chips does no weigh the very same as a cup of other ingredients.

Chocolate chips, oats, brown sugar, and also flour are good examples that food that execute not sweet the exact same amount, also if their volume is the same. The thickness of this substances differs.

Because the the sport in the weight of dried ingredients, the is also more an essential to use a kitchen range to weigh exact amounts. Specifically if you room baking a new recipe.

How much is 8 ounces of chocolate?

Eight ounces of cacao is 1⅓ cups. If a recipe calls because that 8 ounces of chocolate, you have the right to use cacao chips or baking coco bars.

Chocolate bars come in various varieties. Unsweetened baking chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, milk chocolate, sweet German chocolate, and white coco are several of the baking coco varieties. A square of cacao is commonly ½ ounce. 2 squares of coco equal 1 ounce.

Baking chocolate found in grocery stores typically comes in 4 ounces. To gain a complete pound the chocolate, you will certainly need four 4-ounce bars that baking chocolate.

When a cooking recipes calls for coco by weight, you have the right to use baking coco or chocolate chips. Just be conscious of the selection of chip odor the cooking recipes calls for.

For example, unsweetened cacao baking chips or unsweetened cocoa powder are feasible substitutes for unsweetened baking chocolate.

Substitute 1-ounce milk chocolate baking bar for any kind of recipe calling for milk chocolate chips.

If you usage baking cacao in location of chocolate chips, rest the coco bar into little pieces. This is especially important if you arrangement to melt the cacao in the microwave.

How perform I measure up 8 Ounces the Chocolate?

The best and also easiest method to measure up 8 ounces of coco is to usage a kitchen scale. You will always be an exact when you use a kitchen scale.

However, you might prefer to measure by volume. Eight ounces of cacao equals roughly 1⅓ cups of cacao chips.

How to use a pound Block of chocolate in Baking?

Now the you recognize 12 ounces of chocolate equals two cups, that is simple to use a block of chocolate. First, rest the cacao block into tiny pieces (around the size of coco chips). Measure a cup of these small chipped pieces to acquire 6 ounces. Or measure 2 cups to acquire 12 ounces.

If the cacao block is thick and also hard come chop, take into consideration grating the chocolate. Use a crate grater and grate the coco on the the smallest holes.

You can also use a handheld grater or a microplane grater for an even finer grate.

I always recommend weighing the chocolate, if possible. Any type of volume dimensions will be approximations. Weighing will be an ext precise.

Chocolate piece or grated cacao are essential when friend melt coco in the microwave. Grated chocolate will melt much faster than larger pieces that chocolate.

When melt grated coco in the microwave, set the strength to 50% and heat in ~ 15-second intervals. Stir between each heater interval.

Are Unit dimensions for the Cup the Same around the World?

We’ve talked a lot about cups and also ounces. However are the unit measurements the same roughly the world? Unfortunately, no.

The United says measuring cups room not equal to the cup measurements used in various other countries. This have the right to lead to problems when you use a recipe from one country with the measuring tools from one more country.

Just to provide you an idea of just how cups differ roughly the civilization …

1 us legal cup240 mL
1 US standard cup236.588 mL
1 global metric cup250 mL
1 imperial cup284.131 mL

A recipe from the united state will use the US typical cup measurement if the recipe procedures ingredients by volume.

However, the finest recipes will certainly measure ingredient by weight. Specifically baking recipes, which often need more precision than cooking recipes. A couple of extra carrot slices will certainly not impact your soup the means a few extra ounces that flour will affect your cookies.

This is one of the reasons I recommend using a kitchen scale. Particularly when girlfriend bake. If you space interested in discovering more, examine out my article on just how using a kitchen scale will improve your baking.

More methods to enhance Your Baking

In enhancement to utilizing a kitchen scale, over there are other tips come follow because that even much more success in the kitchen.

IDENTIFY typical baking conversions.

Conversions are important when baking. Yet there are some other tips to follow for even much more success in the kitchen.

UNDERSTANDessentialfood safety and security rulesto avoid the spread out of foodborne illness.

KNOWyour oven, that is true temperature, and also hot spots. Learnhow come calibrate one ovenfor much more precise recipe results.

LEARNthe usual food substitutions in case you are out that a cooking recipes ingredient.

READ each recipe all the way through prior to you begin baking. Avoid surprises.

DISCOVER the best ways to job-related with chocolate, including just how to melt chocolate chips ~ above the oven or in the microwave. Melt white chocolate differs from consistent chocolate.

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This write-up shared lots of conversions from ounces come cups. You now recognize how many cups 12 ounces coco chips equals. However I expect you have learned much more about how to be a far better baker too.

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