Mia Syn, MS, RDN is a registered dietitian nutritionist through a understand of scientific research in person nutrition. She is likewise the host of good Food Friday on alphabet News 4." data-inline-tooltip="true">Mia Syn, MS, RDN

Mia Syn, MS, RDN is a registered dietitian nutritionist through a grasp of science in person nutrition. She is additionally the hold of good Food Friday on alphabet News 4.

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Fun fact: Cheddar cheese originates from the village of Cheddar in Somerset, England, wherein damp, cool caves noted the perfect humidity problems for the cheese to mature. Due to the fact that its production in England at some point in the 12th century, however, this tasty, dairy product product has made its way into the hearts (and bellies) that cheese lovers across the world. Today, cheddar is among Americans’ favourite cheeses, whether offered in melty quesadillas, creamy mac and cheese, or atop a sizzling burger.

While cheddar is a delicious addition to plenty of comfort foods, it no necessarily have actually a reputation as being an excellent for health. Many civilization have concerns around cheddar’s high-calorie count and saturated fat content. While it does have actually nutritional drawbacks, a moderate lot of cheddar can be one enjoyable component of a healthy diet.

Cheddar Cheese Nutrition truth

This nutrition information for 1 ounce (28g) that cheddar cheese is listed by the U.S. Room of farming (USDA).


Like many kinds the cheese, cheddar has zero carbohydrates. This way it likewise has no fiber and little to no sugar.


Most wellness concerns about cheddar emphasis on the fat content—and, more specifically, its contents of saturated fat. That true that whole milk cheddar is high in both full fat (10 grams per ounce) and saturated fat (6 grams every ounce). Traditionally, nutrition advice has actually advised consuming a diet low in saturation fat to alleviate the threat of cardiovascular disease. 

However, brand-new research suggests that, in entirety foods such together cheese, saturated fat may not have the detrimental results on heart wellness previously believed. Many experts are now calling for more research to recognize the pros and also cons of saturated fat in dairy.


At 7g every 1-ounce serving, protein accounts because that over 30% that cheddar’s calories. This can significantly add to your daily intake.

Vitamins and also Minerals

Calcium is cheddar’s apparent micronutrient star, at 200mg (or 20% the your everyday value) every ounce. But calcium no the only vitamin or mineral cheddar has to offer. One ounce offers 10% of your day-to-day vitamin A recommendation and 14% of your phosphorus, plus tiny amounts that zinc, selenium, and riboflavin. If you trying to reduced down ~ above salt, though, take it note: Cheddar deserve to be fairly high in sodium at 190mg per ounce.

health Benefits

Although most world might associate cheddar cheese v a range of lull foods, it actually has quite a couple of notable nutritional benefits.

Builds healthy Bones

With the sizable calcium content, cheddar can contribute to keeping bone health. Getting enough calcium is an essential to preventing osteoporosis, the harmful degeneration that bone density.

build Muscle

Protein performs a selection of features in the body, and also at 7 grams per ounce, cheddar is a an excellent source that this macronutrient. Not only does protein assist build muscle, it’s necessary for the production of enzymes, giving structure come cells, maintaining fluid balance, and also much more.

Calorie thick

No one could accuse cheddar the being complete of empty calories! This cheese is calorie-dense, which increases its satiation factor.

May aid With weight Loss

Despite what girlfriend may have actually heard about cheese leading to weight gain, there"s a a phenomenon known as the full-fat dairy paradox that"s transforming this belief on that head.Research now argues that removing the fat native dairy products may in reality make it an ext likely to reason weight gain, make full-fat the much better choice for weight management.

Compatible v Keto and Low-carb diet

If she tweaking her macros on the keto diet, you in luck. Due to the fact that of cheddar’s high portion of fat, that compatible with this high-fat eating plan. With zero carbohydrates, cheddar additionally fits well in any kind of low-carb diet.

short Lactose

When it involves lactose, no all cheeses are created equal. Cheddar is among the harder, aged cheeses it is actually quite low in lactose, an interpretation that lactose intolerant folks can often eat it without unpleasant symptoms choose bloating, stomach upset, and gas.


Although it is short in lactose, cheddar still has casein and whey, two materials that can cause an immune response in world with a dairy allergy. If you’re allergy to dairy, you’ll have to keep cheddar turn off the menu.


You’ve probably noticed the cheddar comes in varying levels of “sharpness,” including mild, medium, sharp, and extra-sharp. This merely refers to exactly how long the cheese has been aged: the longer it ages, the trickster (or an ext pungent and flavorful) the becomes. Gentle cheddar commonly ages 2 to 3 months, when extra-sharp varieties have the right to linger for approximately a year.

And what about white cheddar? Intriguingly, every cheddar starts out white (or a shade close to it) due to the fact that it originates from cow’s milk. In the seventeenth century, cheese producer began adding vegetable dye to cheddar to give it a constant color, and the practice never ever stopped. Therefore, you could think that white cheddar simply as “original” cheddar. Any type of color distinctions from included extracts choose annatto are unlikely to readjust the cheese’s flavor.

as soon as It’s best

There’s no one season for cheddar! This cheese have the right to be aged and purchased all year long. However, to select the ideal cheddar, it’s clever to review ingredient labels. Plenty of shredded and sliced choices are packaged with anti-caking agents favor cellulose. While cellulose no necessarily harmful, it might take far from the all at once flavor and texture of her cheese.

Storage and Food security

It may be second nature to refrigerate every cheese, however cheddar does not technically need refrigeration. However, save cheddar in the refrigerator will help it critical longer. According to the USDA, unopened cheddar have the right to last increase to six months in the refrigerator and opened packages deserve to stick around for 3 to 4 weeks.

Because that a hard cheese, cheddar even takes well to freezing—but you might not prolong its life much much more through freezing than through refrigeration. The USDA estimates cheddar have the right to be frozen for about six months.

how to Prepare

Cheddar deserve to make its method into any variety of cheesy dishes or, that course, be offered all on its own with your favorite crackers. V a melting point of around 150 levels Fahrenheit, it doesn’t need high heat to acquire nice and gooey, and also with its high fat content, it has plenty the stretch. To boost the nutrient in dishes favor cheesy casseroles, mexican dishes, sandwiches, or pastas, shot using a entirety grain base and adding veggies come the mix.

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