I’m all around ice cream… as if the wasn’t apparent by my main Ice Cream Week.

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And while I’m a large fan the going come a local ice cream shop and trying new flavors (and always getting a waffle cone), there’s just a special place in my love for the smooth, creamy, soft serve vanilla cone.

If you uncover yourself craving some soft serve, right here are some alternatives for you!

And if you’re curious how the taste of each cone stacks up, girlfriend can examine out a ranking the Thrillest put together that may assist ya.

Where to discover the healthiest soft offer ice cream cone

Depending on wherein you are located, you’re walking to have a many of options for ice cream cream.

I’m in Michigan, and also we it seems to be ~ to have a little ice cream shack ~ above every solitary corner. If you desire an ice cream cone here, over there are lots of options!

But we’re going to look at few of the many widely easily accessible options. Many human being don’t realize the fast-food chains favor Burger King and also McDonald’s market cones, and also those types of alternatives make it very easy to obtain your ice cream solve no matter where you may be located.

Let’s dive right into the ice cream cream, acquisition it from shortest calorie to greatest calorie.

Note the for all the ice cream cream cones here, it includes a cake cone. In some cases, you have the choice to choose a street cone or waffle cone for more calories.


Burger King

Vanilla Cone: 140 calorie 4g Fat 24g carbs 17g street 3g Protein

Burger King freshly went through a rebranding, and with that came a revamped menu. Previously, burger King’s cone to be looking an extremely sad and also tiny, but this brand-new photo provides it look very promising! because this vanilla ice cream cream cone has the shortest calories of any kind of cone ns looked at because that this, the is safe to assume the it is going to be smaller sized than some of the other choices out there.

If you desire to ditch the cone and go for a cup of ice cream, be careful. If you may think you’re conserving calories by going with no cone, you’re in reality getting an ext ice cream instead, resulting in 170 calories. The is certainly not a ton that calories, yet definitely something come be responsibility of.



Frozen Yogurt Cone: 170 calorie 0g Fat 37g carbohydrate 31g sugar 3g Protein

*Based on nutritional information accessible through ikeafoodfacts.ca

I didn’t originally encompass IKEA in mine graphic, yet it deserves an honorable cite here for sure.

Granted, IKEA offers frozen yogurt and also not technically ice cream cream, however the consensus seems come be that it is delicious either way. I have actually never personally had it since I have never live close come an IKEA, but after listening rave reviews around it, ns feel I need to give it a try now.

Nutritionally, the is tough to accurately decide the numbers for this cone. With some Google searching, it appears that a vanilla cone indigenous IKEA may have 120-130 calories. However, ns was may be to find these particular numbers from IKEA Canada, so that’s what we space going come go through here! No issue what, the is for sure to say that the calories in this cone are very low, and the fat content will be the shortest of any choices out there, due to the fact that frozen yogurt typically contains very little to no fat.



Vanilla Cone: 180 calorie 4g Fat 32g carbs 25g sugar 4g Protein

Like burgess King, the vanilla ice cream cone (Icedream® Cone) from Chick-fil-A is top top the smaller side, which is why the calorie are reduced than other alternatives out there.

However, it is widely assumed of as among the best fast-food ice creams the end there, so also if it’s small, it’s 100% worth it!

And if fat content is a concern for you, this will certainly be one of the an ext appealing choices of the bunch with only 4g of fat for the entire cone.



“Carvelite” Vanilla junior Cone: 195 calorie 4.5g Fat 43g carbohydrate 21g sugar 7g Protein

Vanilla junior Cone: 315 calorie 15g Fat 38g carbs 27g sugar 4g Protein

I wanted to highlight 2 different cones here, due to the fact that Carvel offers two good options.

The an initial is the “Carvelite” option, which i personally love. Carvelite has actually all the impressive flavor of their original vanilla ice cream cream (in my opinion friend can’t taste any kind of difference), but with much reduced fat and also calories 보다 their conventional ice cream. At much less than 200 calories, it’s definitely a great option!

If you were to obtain the same sized cone but opt for the standard vanilla soft serve ice cream, you’d be looking in ~ 315 calories and 15g of fat, i beg your pardon is significantly greater all around. Is that a poor thing? No, not necessarily, yet for me, I much prefer the lite version.

It’s precious noting below that these space for junior size cones, rather than small cones. When I to be comparing the sizes, the junior dimension was lot closer to the standard cones readily available at fast-food restaurants favor Burger King or McDonald’s.



Vanilla Cone: 200 calorie 5g Fat 33g carbs 23g street 5g Protein

McDonald’s vanilla cones space fantastic, but you’re happy to uncover an ice cream cream maker that isn’t broken. This happens so regularly (don’t worry, it’s not simply you) that there is actually a hilarious, and extremely useful, website that maps out wherein all the broken machines are.

In regards to nutrition, McDonald’s drops right in the center of every the options. For just 200 calories, a soft-serve cone indigenous McDonald’s is a an excellent option for a fast dessert on the go.


Dairy Queen

Small Vanilla Cone: 220 calories 7g Fat 34g carbs 26g street 7g Protein

Dairy Queen is ideal known for your Blizzards, yet the cones worthy honorable mentions for sure. The insanely smooth soft-serve ice cream native Dairy Queen is uneven anything else out there. Due to the fact that the ice cream cream is so rich and also creamy, i would have actually thought the the calories and also fat would certainly be turn off the charts, but with just 220 calories and also 7g of fat, a small vanilla cone from DQ is something you can easily fit right into your day.



Vanilla Cone: 250 calories 12g Fat 30g carbs 17g street 4g Protein

Okay, I’ve never had a vanilla cone native Sonic, however that photograph makes the look favor a very sorry cone. However, this renders it a perfect time to attend to something:

Don’t take the nutrition of these cones as well seriously.

Do friend see exactly how this picture of the cone has a very small amount of ice cream? Well, depending on when you walk to Sonic, and also who is offer you, castle may really well be a tiny bit more generous with the offer size. Unlike a scoop of ice cream cream, it’s lot harder to measure out a proper serving the soft serve, so girlfriend may end up through a larger cone 보다 this, follow me with higher calories.

I don’t say the to tension you out, yet it’s precious noting that all we desire to be able to do below is acquire a basic idea that the nutrition, but we don’t want to take it it too seriously.



“Regular” Vanilla Cone: 270 calorie 8g Fat 42g carbohydrate 33g sugar 7g Protein

Once I gained through all the nationwide chains that sell soft serve vanilla ice cream cones (as far as I could tell), I necessary to usage my best judgment to choose another 2 places that space widely known.

Depending on whereby you room in the country, you may not have an A&W close to you, however they space plentiful here in the Midwest! in ~ A&W, you additionally have the alternative to go with chocolate, a twisted of vanilla & chocolate, or ditch the cone and go through a straightforward cup of ice cream cream instead.



Small Vanilla Custard: 285 calorie 14g Fat 33g carbs 24g street 5g Protein

Rita’s is one more chain the is spread out throughout the country, but everybody may not have actually heard the it due to the fact that it is heavily focused in the Northeast (where I thrived up). Rita’s is ideal known for your ices, yet they offer vanilla custard as well, i beg your pardon is what you’ll uncover in this little vanilla cone.

If you’re unfamiliar with custard, that is usually a slightly richer variation of ice cream. Both ice cream cream and custard must contain at the very least 10 percent milkfat to be taken into consideration ice cream, but custard has more than 1.4% egg yolk also (ice cream has any amount less than that). The additional egg yolk renders custard creamier, but additionally results in greater calories and also fat, i beg your pardon is reflect in this cone.

Estimating ice cream cream calories if over there is no nutritional info available

If you’re going to a neighborhood spot for some soft-serve ice cream cream, odds are that they space not walking to have actually nutritional information readily available.

When that’s the case, what execute you do?

That’s when estimating calories comes right into play!

Here’s what I favor to do: take 2 comparable food choices from national chains that offer nutritional information, then use those 2 to discover the average.

Here are a few non-ice cream examples…


When you uncover 2 similar options, it provides you a variety to work with and find the average of.

For our purposes, let’s take it the lowest calorie vanilla ice cream cone, along with the highest: burger King and also Rita’s.

140 calories and also 285 calories is quite the huge range, yet that’s okay! Let’s split the difference, which offers us approximately 215 calories.

Based top top the various other ice cream cones us looked at, 215 calorie is very reasonable for an estimate, for this reason we’ll assume the is what your cone has.

Will this always work? Of food not!

Your cone may have actually 150 calories, or it may have actually 350 calories. Us really have actually no method of knowing, however that’s why it’s called ESTIMATING!

215 calories might not be accurate, however it’s much much better than do a remote guess.

Can girlfriend eat soft serve ice cream as component of a healthy diet?

Let me remind you that this: the is okay to eat food since it tastes good.


Every food an option you make does not should be in the pursuit of perfect health.

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Ice cream might not it is in your common “healthy” dessert (unless friend make her own) yet that doesn’t mean it’s poor to reap it.