it's night here, yet i'm yes, really tempted to go outside and also count the variety of blades that grass in a few randomly selected square-inch plots. I would then typical them and multiply by the variety of square customs in one acre (6,272,640)

if i had actually to execute some really rough estimates: i feel fairly confident that the variety of blades that grass in the median square inch of grass is between 10 and 10,000 (i really have no idea), so:

for 10 blades/sq-in: 10 * 6272640 = 6.3*107 blades of grass (about double the variety of cars in good britain)

for 100 blades/sq-in: 6.3e8 chisels (if a tongue of grass weighs as much as a mosquito, the total weight of her grass would be about the load of a 2013 subaru outback)

for 1000 blades/sq-in: 6.3e9 knives (you might give around every human being on planet one blade of grass)

for 10,000 blades/sq-in: 6.3e10 chisels (end-to-end your blades of grass now reach to the moon and back, double - assuming a blade of grass is about 1 inch long)

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Wow! i didn't think anyone would certainly reply and you in reality did! that is amazing how many knives of grass there are also if it's 10 blades/sq-in.

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