ns seem to remember bother Potter gaining food for his birthday. What food(s) did the get and from whom?


Food items

In Chamber of Secrets take care of receives nothing for his birthday due to the fact that Dobby is intercepting Harry"s mail.

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He doesn"t get food in Prisoner of Azkaban, uneven The Monster publication of Monsters can be taken into consideration edible, which i think not.

In Order the the Phoenix, harry receives two box of Honeyduke"s best chocolate from Ron and Hermione, but ends increase tossing them the end in a right of pique once no one writes or contacts him during the summer holidays.

In Half-Blood Prince Mrs. Weasley has a birthday tea because that Harry with date of birth cake.

In Deathly Hallows grandm Weasley offers Harry a birthday dinner finish with a big beach ball-sized birthday cake decorated as a golden Snitch.

These are all the birthday-related food recommendations I might find.

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The most conspicuous example developed in publication 4, where he gained food as soon as Dudley was forced on a diet. This consisted of cake and other junk type foods because that the many part, indigenous Hagrid, the Weasleys, Hermione, and Sirius, i believe.

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Also include the cacao cake on his eleventh birthday.

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