Horses in the wild are known to graze for approximately 16 hrs a day! A horse’s digestive device is designed to transaction with big amounts that forage, one of two people grass or hay, consumed slowly over a long duration of time. Hay provides up the largest component of a horse’s diet, so it is crucial to make certain you always have many of hay top top hand to feeding the equines in her care.

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Imagine you are in fee of an eight equine barn. The equines are all median sized and get the exact same amount of practice each day. To make things simple for you, they eat the same amount that hay every day as well.

It is summer and time to order in an ext hay. How much must you order? Let’s play about with ratios to uncover out.

Math talk – ratio: A proportion shows the loved one sizes or amounts of 2 or more values. It might be written as 3 : 4 (read as ‘3 come 4’) or as a portion 3/4. The 2 values we space going come look at in this write-up are the variety of horses and the number of bales that hay.

An average sized steed weighing 500 kg (1100 lbs) horse eats approximately 5 kg (12 lbs) that hay each day.

1. If 1 bale that hay weighs 60 lbs, how countless days worth of hay will you get from one bale for one horse?


How much Hay? Answers:

1. A 500 kg horse eats around 5 kg (12 lbs) of hay every day. If 1 bale of hay weighs 60 lbs, how countless days worth of hay will certainly you gain from one bale for one horse?Answer: 60 ÷ 12 = 5. You will get 5 days worth of hay native one bale.

2. For two horses, how many bales of hay would you require every ten days?Answer: 2 x 2 = 4. Girlfriend would need 4 bales that hay.

3. Compose this together a ratio.Answer: 2 : 4 or 2/4

4. How numerous bales of hay would you need for 4 equines every ten days?Answer: 4 x 2 = 8. You would require 8 bales the hay to feeding 4 equines for 10 days.

5. Write this together a ratio.Answer: 4/8

6. Compare the ratios girlfriend found. Just how do they relate to every other? execute you see a pattern? (Hint: simplify the fractions)Answer: The 3 ratios are 1/2, 2/4 and also 4/8. The very first one, 1/2 can not be simplified any type of further. 2/4 simplifies come 1/2. 4/8 simplifies come 1/2. Every the ratios room the same! No matter how high the number of horses, girlfriend will require twice as plenty of bales of hay as there are equines every ten days.

7. How numerous bales that hay will certainly you require for all the 8 equines at your barn because that 10 days?Answer: 8 x 2 = 16. Friend would require 16 bales the hay every 10 days.

8. How numerous bales would certainly you buy?Answer:Step 1: 60 ÷ 10 = 6. There are 6 ten day sections in 60 days.Step 2: 6 x 16 = 96. You would buy 96 bales that hay.

9. Just how much would the hay cost? Express you answer in word form.Answer: 96 x 7 = 672. The hay would expense six hundred and seventy-two dollars.

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10. Exactly how much change do you obtain back?Answer: 700 – 672 = 28. You would certainly get back $28.