numerous power plants use moving magnets to transform kinetic and also magnetic power into electrical current. Magnet generators make a good science project due to the fact that of the straightforward instructions and intriguing premise. The merged energy the the magnetic field and also motion the the magnet in ~ a coil that copper wire reasons the electrons in the cable to move, which is an electrical current. There are numerous variations top top this type of experiment, part more complicated to construct than others. Do a shake-to-power magnet generator is a simple way to demonstrate the power of magnetic generators.

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Trace the shape of the film canister ~ above the cardboard twice v the pencil. Attract a one 1/2-inch approximately each traced circle.


Cut the end the circles so that you have actually two cardboard "O"s" the fit snugly about the film canister and slide them onto the canister about an customs apart. Wrap electric tape between the cardboard pieces and on the outside edges that the canister.


Wind the magnet wire roughly the canister between the cardboard pieces 1,000 come 2,000 times, being sure to leave a couple of inches the the beginning of the wire hanging free so that you can affix the irradiate to the later.


Secure the wrapped wire into place with a tiny piece the tape, leaving a long, loosened piece of cable on one of two people end. Scrape the insulation turn off the loosened wire pieces with the sand paper.


Wrap the ends of the wire approximately the end pieces the the LED light bulb. Tape come secure the wired bulb to the bottom of the canister.

Place the neodymium magnet inside the canister and also close the lid. Holding the canister in between your thumb and forefinger so that the lid does no come loose, shower the canister back and forth to irradiate the bulb.

1/4 spool the copper magnet wire Fine grit sandpaper Scissors Pencil little and powerful neodymium magnet low voltage LED light pear (less than 2.5 volts) 35 mm movie canister electrical tape Cardboard
Adding much more magnets come the canister or an ext turns come the cable coil can change the brightness of the bulb. Experiment with the variety of turns and also magnets to see just how you have the right to make your generator an ext powerful.

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Adding more magnets come the canister or more turns come the cable coil can adjust the brightness that the bulb. Experiment v the number of turns and magnets come see just how you deserve to make her generator more powerful.

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