This sausage gravy cooking recipes tastes great over warmth dinner biscuits fresh the end of the oven. It’s straightforward to make, and serves together the perfect complement to your breakfast, brunch, or dinner. If you have actually 30 minutes, climate you’ve acquired time because that this classic American breakfast dish!


Known together the ultimate comfort food – because that breakfast – I need to admit the I had actually never tried Biscuits and gravy until my 30s? Sadly, this dish was never served in my childhood home, and also I absolutely don’t recall ever before ordering it at a restaurant.

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It wasn’t until I got married that I lastly learned how to do sausage gravy. My husband has actually been a fan for years and so one day I chose to do it for him as a surprise.

To mine utter delight, that an initial bite won me over and I ended up being a sausage gravy lover! The flavors room so straightforward and however so delicious. The lovely cream sauce melds beautifully with the cook breakfast sausage.

Be warned, though: If you’re going to look up how to do homemade sausage gravy native scratch, collection aside a little time come whip increase fluffy homemade biscuits. Correctly you can use the sort that come in the tube, but homemade is always better!

As a plus, this cooking recipes is really straightforward and also quick to make. After just 25 minutes of cooking time, the white sausage gravy can quickly turn any kind of ordinary breakfast right into a gourmet meal perfect because that a Sunday brunch! This gravy additionally stores especially well, i m sorry is delightful for enjoy the meal prep.


What sort of Sausage have the right to You Use?

While this straightforward homemade sausage gravy boasts the a delicious taste with initial ground sausage you can quickly substitute in other ground sausage spices to spice things up.

The main tip is to usage breakfast sausage. I’ve offered ground sage, maple, and also even ground spicy sausage miscellaneous times I’ve made this. The alternative for adaptability makes this among the ideal sausage gravy recipes around, therefore you’re not forced to adhere too strictly to the original flavor that sausage.

Ground breakfast sausage substitutions will influence the gravy’s all at once flavor, however it won’t mess up the thickness!


How execute You Thicken Sausage Gravy?

Occasionally, also the ideal of us glance down at our bubbling pan in despair, establish the gravy is too thin. Don’t worry, I’ve obtained you covered!

I should note, that the gravy will normally thicken as it cools. It constantly looks thinner 보다 it really is. Therefore don’t panic. I’d say, try this recipe the first time AS created without any changes. Give it a try. If also after the gravy has actually cooled (like 15 minutes cooled) and it’s no as thick as you want, climate you can reheat it and also thicken that up. However, i don’t think this will certainly be a problem.

If that is a problem and you feeling the gravy is still too thin, climate you can add in flour or cornstarch come thicken this homemade breakfast sausage gravy up. Begin by mixing 2 teaspoons water with 1 teaspoon of flour or corn strength in a little bowl. Then as soon as it’s mixed well with zero clumps, girlfriend can include it to her gravy mix.

Before including to her pan, make certain your gravy is hot. If you include this mixture to cold gravy girlfriend wont get the outcomes you’re feather for. Yet if you include the slurry come your hot gravy climate it have to start come thicken increase immediately. If that still not as thick as you want, climate repeat the over process.

If you get overzealous and the gravy becomes as well thick (we’ve every been there), simply add much more milk.


Can You frozen Homemade Sausage Gravy?

Yes, you can! If you arrangement on freezing her leftovers of this sausage gravy recipe, make certain it’s in ~ room temperature prior to putting that in the freezer.For storing, use freezer bags, airtight containers, or also ice cube trays! By making use of ice cube trays you can thaw and also enjoy smaller sized portions once you want them! simply remember that once the gravy is frozen in ice cube trays, pop them out and put lock in one of two people a freezer bag or air chop container.

Gravy can safely last in one airtight container because that up to three months. Ar your frozen gravy in your refrigerator overnight to thaw it out again. Once thaw, you have the right to reheat ~ above the cooktop until nice and hot and also serve over biscuits!


How lengthy Will Homemade Gravy critical in the Fridge?

You deserve to safely reap this gravy for as much as 4 days. Anytime after ~ that, the meat starts to go bad and also you’ll have to toss it. I recommend freezing your leftovers the you know you wont eat in ~ 4 days therefore you have the right to enjoy them another day.

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What is the Best way to Reheat Gravy?

You can conveniently reheat this gravy in a pan ~ above the cooktop at short heat. Make sure you stir frequently to prevent it from clumping together.

Strange together this may sound, my household thinks this homemade sausage gravy recipe actually tastes much better the job after, fairly than fresh the end of the pan. Ns think it’s due to the fact that all the spices have had time come meld, producing a truly savory taste. I love a recipe the gets better with age!


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