Provolone cheese is just one of the oldest cheeses in Italy, dating back to the 13th century.

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It has actually a mild and also nutty flavor that pairs well with other foods, especially vegetables favor broccoli or kale.

For how long does provolone cheese last? This article will price this question and also how to save it properly and also how best to reap it.

What is Provolone Cheese?


Provolone is one Italian cheese make from cow’s milk.

It has a sharp, tangy, and also salty flavor the becomes milder v age.

The name comes from the native “provolone,” which way “to boil”.

Making provolone cheese starts through the Cagliari or curd, made from cow’s milk and pressed right into a little pot.

The last product will be shaped favor an egg and also then reduced in half.

Next, the is smoked end cherry lumber to give it that distinctive yellowish color.

The odor of this type of cheese can selection from mild once freshly developed to sharp once aged for three months or more.

It need to not be perplexed with “provolone,” American-style processed cheese that have been flavored by adding garlic powder, onion powder, paprika extract, or various other spices ~ production has actually finished – these are frequently referred to together “cheese food”.

Provolone is just one of Italy’s most famous cheeses and also is often consumed in sandwiches, pizza, or pasta.

It deserve to be substituted with cheddar or Swiss cheese if desired in recipes that call for provolone cheese.

It is frequently used for food preparation or grilling as result of its short melting point and tastes good on sandwiches favor paninis – the perfect lunchtime sandwich.

How to usage Provolone Cheese?


If you room unfamiliar with provolone cheese, it is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese originating in Italy.

It has a slightly tangy and nutty smell with ideas of fruit or nuts.

If you are trying to find new ways to use your provolone cheese, below are some tasty ideas.

Another means to use provolone cheese is in a grilled sandwich with onions, peppers, and tomato sauce.

Combine the ingredients into a buttery panini grill or make her pizza by utilizing store-bought crusts.

Add new basil pipeline for an added flavor twisted that will leave friend wanting more.

Provolone also makes a delicious enhancement to pasta dishes choose lasagna, tortellini, manicotti, spaghetti pie, and also ziti.

If you are not sure just how to substitute provolone cheese in recipes, the ideal rule of thumb is one ounce of shredded provolone cheese is identical to one cup of ricotta.

If you are still in search of other means to usage your provolone cheese, right here are some creative recipes that will certainly inspire brand-new ideas.

Add a class of shredded Provolone Cheese on optimal of homemade pizza late before adding toppings or together the basic in lasagna dishes.Mix Provolone Cheese with eggs, milk, and also seasonings to produce a decadent breakfast dish.Add some shredded provolone cheese to your following omelet for the perfect pour it until it is full meal.Use a mixture of provolone and also mozzarella cheeses in meatball recipes or other pasta dishes prefer macaroni & cheese.

How to keep Provolone Cheese?


This kind of cheese has actually a sharp and also tangy flavor the gets mellower as it matures, yet it can also be crumbly.

Provolone is an ext delicate than many cheeses, for this reason it has to be handled more gently.

Provolone cheese does not save well at high temperatures and also can endure freezer burns or mold if it is left unrefrigerated for also long.

To save Provolone cheese effectively, you need to keep that tightly sheathe in plastic wrap and also placed within an airtight container – prefer Tupperware- until prepared to use.

This will certainly prevent any potential difficulties with humidity seeping right into your precious provolone.

To save this type of cheese new for longer periods, save it at 55° Fahrenheit (13° Celsius) or listed below the frozen refrigerator to preserve its initial taste and also texture.

The ideal place to store provolone cheese is on the top shelves in her refrigerator for this reason they don’t come into contact with various other items choose meats i beg your pardon have solid odors the will influence their breakable flavors.

How lengthy Does Provolone Cheese Last?


One the the most common varieties of cheese is provolone.

It was developed in Strassbourg, France, and then ended up being popular with Italy together well.

Since this kind of cheese has been about for a lengthy time, over there are numerous different opinions on exactly how long that lasts.

Some human being might say that provolone cheese will last up to two weeks, while others may think that this type of cheese have the right to only it is in stored because that one week in ~ the most before going bad.

So what is the truth?

The answer come this concern depends ~ above a couple of factors.

How old is the cheese when it’s purchased?How long have you had actually it in your fridge or pantry?And what type of setting are friend storing it at (i.e., temperature, humidity)?

Since provolone has been age for numerous weeks prior to being sold, its color will readjust as time passes and also might even build mold during storage if not handled properly.

The period that the cheese to be purchased additionally plays critical role in just how well save on computer it have the right to be due to the fact that newer cheeses will remain fresh for much longer than enlarge ones.

The optimum temperature because that storing cheese is in between 36 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wrapping it in silver paper or wax document and climate placing that in a sealed plastic bag will job-related well to keep the cheese fresh.

Once appropriately stored in the fridge, Provolone cheese have to last for approximately 3 weeks prior to going bad.

Can You frozen Provolone Cheese?


Yes, provolone cheese have the right to be frozen.

The main worry when freeze cheese is that moisture will form on the surface ar of the cheese and then freeze, i m sorry could cause it come turn into a heavy block of ice cream crystals.

To protect against this indigenous happening, you should wrap your cheese strictly in plastic wrap prior to storing it so that there’s less contact with air and also water vapor.

It would certainly also help store your cheese listed below 32 levels Fahrenheit (0 Celsius) for an extended period.

Frozen provolone cheese will save for about six weeks to two months.

How You can Freeze Provolone Cheese:

Place the cheese in a strict sealed airtight container or plastic wrap.Place the sheathe cheese right into your freezer and cool that down listed below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (-0 Celsius) within 4 hours.Label through the use-by date, for this reason you recognize when it’s for sure (or not safe) to eat frozen provolone cheese previous its early out date.

When you desire to eat the provolone cheese, thaw it in her refrigerator.

It’s finest to usage the cheese as soon as possible after thawing.

How to Tell if Provolone Cheese is Bad?


Like most dairy products, provolone cheese is shelf-stable and should last because that months.

But if you’ve had actually it in your refrigerator or cupboard this long, there’s a great chance you’re not eating any an ext of it anyway.

One that the best ways to tell if provolone cheese is negative is by smell.

If it has actually a strong, pungent odor and also smells prefer ammonia or sewage, then the block will not be great for consumption.

In enhancement to odor foul, fresh provolone should have actually a buttery texture that’s soft and smooth through some elasticity once pulled apart between two fingers.

Lastly, look in ~ the color, which must be yellow-white through no off-color clues on the surface but likewise avoid any type of cheddar coloring, describe spoiled milk was supplied as component of its production process.

It’s finest to eat provolone cheese when it is fresh, but if you have to store it for a short period in your fridge prior to use, then be certain to plunder the reduced side with plastic or aluminum foil.


Provolone cheese is a kind of hard, semisoft cow’s milk cheese the originated in Italy.

It has actually an ivory color, and it generally matures for about ten weeks prior to being sold to consumers.

The flavor varies depending upon the size of time it to be aged, yet when eaten fresh, provolone can taste sharp or milder with clues of nutty flavors prefer hazelnuts or almonds.

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To do this delicious dairy product critical as long as possible without walking bad, store it in ~ temperatures between 32-38 levels Fahrenheit (0-3 Celsius) far from sunlight and other sources of heat.