I've i found it a severe distinction in time in between different tire shops in transforming a tire, and also the funny part is the the control variable here is the quantity of customers waiting in line. I always go at an early stage in the morning as soon as there is no one ahead the me. I've witnessed someone else and also get several tires changed and it is in in and also out within 20 minutes. Yet today I visited Walmart to it is in a cheap mofo and also this male ahead that me was obtaining one tire replaced and they said it would take 45 come 50 minutes and also there was no one ahead the him. Please describe to me favor I to be five… Why does it take it so long to change a single tire when you watch these gyeongju cars pull right into pitstop and they have actually all 4 tires changed in 15 secs or less??


Race car are having actually wheels swapped out, not just tires. It's stupid quick to get a wheel off then top top again because that a expert pit crew. Come swap your tires they must remove the wheel, remove the tire, mountain the new tire, balance it v weights, then mount the wheel.

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Sometimes the workers are sluggish or donate up top top other occupational or short-handed.

Good answers so far, yet let's just add that monitor teams are paid to it is in fast. The guy in the Walmart business department is paid by the hour, you really think he's walk to be rushing to mount and balance another Toyota Corolla tire? Nope.

Because the employees at Walmart aren't paid enough to give a shit, and also because changing an whole wheel is a lot quicker than transforming a tire.

shop owner chiming in

I am more than likely not the shop you would compare come "walmart" I deserve to compare come an Oil readjust scenario. One oil change can acquire done at jiffy lube in prefer 15-20mins. I tell my client 1 come 1 and 1/2 hour.

The reason is we need a hoist cost-free perhaps my mechanics room working on another car, or maybe its first thing in the morning and we room still arranging things and also that takes around 30mins.

The only method to make money at a shop is to have multiple work going top top at every times. I would be concerned if friend goto a shop and also there are no cars there being worked on and also they can always get you out in 10 mins.

Either they room brand brand-new or might not be about for lot longer.

Well as soon as race dare pull up to a pit stop, the tires space already mounted on wheels and there room a bunch of world there working on swapping castle as quick as possible. As soon as you go gain a brand-new tire at a shop, they need to use a machine to traction the old tires off the wheel, placed a new tire top top the wheel, then balance it prior to putting the wheel earlier on the car. Together for why it can take as long as you have seen, you would have to know what to be going on back in the shop, exactly how many world were working, etc. To gain a complete picture.

Not to mention that also racing wheels themselves are occasionally designed about super fast changes. See: autosport.com/news/report.php/id/108724

Go come a shop that isn't busy and also watch them take it the tires off the car, turn off the rim, put new tire ~ above rim, balance climate mount it. You'll view the procedure and know specifically how long it takes.

YouTube "tire mounting" to acquire a sense of what castle do



If the male ahead of friend was gaining one tire changed they could have had to cut it under to complement his various other ones, which i imagine takes a while.

Why walk it take so lengthy to adjust a single tire as soon as you watch these race cars pull into pitstop and they have actually all four tires adjusted in 15 seconds or less??

Hold on, are you asking around having wheels put on? Or having the really rubber tires done? It's because to swap wheels due to the fact that it's 4-5 bolts/lugs and done.

With tire transforms you have to remove the wheel, break the bed (Where the tires seals versus the steel wheel), eliminate the entirety tire, clean the in salt so a brand-new bead sets, placed the tire onto the wheel, inflate and also seat the bead, placed it ~ above a balancing machine, then put it earlier on the car.

Was the a break-up rim or big truck tyre? was the workshop full? did they have actually other world booked in expecting castle to turn up any kind of minute? were they lacking in employees that day? to be someone running late come work?

A pit crew is simply exchanging wheels and tires, they mount/swap them while the vehicle is racing. The actual procedure is commonly 15 minutes for all 4 tires at my shop. Yet you need to take right into account everyone in former of you, that's 15 minutes because that each person. They make up an hour+ actual quick.

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