QuestionI cannot live in mine house because of offgassing indigenous paints and also primer used over a year ago.Asked by Bonnie Parker

The painters sprayed mine plaster wall surfaces (instead) of rolling. The an initial paint began the midddle of Dec. 2010. The house is 940 sq. Feet. Lock STATE they provided Dunn Edwards primer. Painted v Behr Ultra Premium Satin, latex, and also semi gloss latex. They said they had actually to usage oil base to cover the wooden doors in the house. The house was painted during very cold wet days and also probably go not fully dry. The turn off gassing and also odor to be terrible. The air experimentation shows ACETONE. The second Paint began the last of Feb. 2011. They declared they provided Kilz odorless oil basic primer. The artist did not let the KILZ dried before applying the paint. They offered Dunn Edwards" latex eggshell "Enso" (no voc) and semi gloss. The smell & off gassing was included for about 7 work & climate returned. The finish of Feb. 2011 to be the last complete painting. There to be sanding and re-painting excellent in areas that had actually been missied previously. However, there was not anymore Kilz used.

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I"m sorry to listen of your troubling experience. Although it is quite common, fortunately, there space solutions.

us have talked to countless customers that complain of the specific same problem with different paints and also finishes.Whether you are chemically perceptible or not, such experiences space a nightmare and also should be thought about a crime against your an individual health.

There room two main aspects to this problem:

first, the kind of paint and second, the application.

many paint manufacturers will not accept responsibility for an application over someone else"s primer--especially if its water-based end oil-based or vice-versa. The painters should have actually known better.

Second, applying paint end primer prior to the inside wall has totally dried or cured, prevents good adhesion and also keeps the second coat from totally drying together well. This is probably why the odors have continued so long. The optimal coat may have actually skinned over and feels dry, however the humidity from the optimal coat may have actually re-activated the primer underneath. Also, water-based products dry very quickly compared to oil-based products. If an oil-based primer to be not appropriately cured because of the cold damp weather, the addition of a water-based product deserve to actually sluggish down the drying or curing process making the off-gassing continue even longer.

accelerating the off-gassing

ns am certain you have currently tried to accelerate the off-gassing through ventilation, heat, fans, etc. Your only solution may be to sand off the paint and also primer and start over.

I recognize that"s not what you desire to hear, however there are couple of remedies to this problem.

Encapsulating sealer

One option that we have used which works in many instances is to use an encapsulating sealer. AFM Safecoat manufactures a number of non-toxic completely safe sealers the block off-gassing of many finishes. (You can read around them here.)

We have had an excellent success through their Transitional Primer supplied in conjunction through their zero VOC paint. Their difficult Seal product also works well. This must be tested in a tiny confined area come make sure of that results.

Odorless paint isn"t benign

Third, just since something is "odorless" or low VOC does not median it will certainly not off-gas toxicity chemicals.

some manufacturers usage masking agents come hide the nasty odors, however they might still save on computer hazardous ingredients the you can smell.

Acetone, for example, wake up to be one of those control not controlled solvents. It"s no classified together a VOC, due to the fact that it walk not boost outdoor waiting pollution. That"s right. It is hazardous yet no a VOC. Our federal government does not also require the labeling of this ingredient, even though that is clearly harmful to your health. There space thousands of such chemicals provided by repaint manufactures that are taken into consideration "unknown" dangers which have not to be tested on people for safety, yet they space still enabled to be used.

exact same is true for chemicals that room "proprietary ingredients" which are trade secrets and don"t need to be disclosed come the public. In both cases, this chemicals might off-gas for years.

because there have actually been so many different paints and also primers supplied at miscellaneous times in your home, it can be finest to contact us first before doing anything else, just so we have the right to advise girlfriend on an approach that bring away into consideration all the appropriate factors. My call information is here.

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Joel Hirshberg

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