“Domicile” is offered to describe the ar where one individual has actually demonstrated intent to do a permanent home and also legal residence. Both physical visibility (see below) and also evidence of will (see below) should be in ar to start the domicile year. A “qualified individual” must reside in Colorado v the will to do Colorado their irreversible home and legal residence.

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Colorado residency requires a domicile in Colorado for 12 continuous months ~ above or prior to the first day of class of every semester. Because domicile is characterized as a permanent home and legal residence, being in Colorado solely for school purposes and/or in the interim for various other purposes does no qualify as domicile for Colorado residency. Additionally, even if you do not qualify because that residency in any type of other state, you room not guarantee Colorado residency.

Physical existence is her actual long-term home and also legal residence. Evidence of physics presence may include all of the following:

Lease agreementsRent receiptsHome ownershipNotarized statement native a landlord

Evidence of intent to do Colorado your permanent home and legal residence is demonstrated by offering up all your legal ties v your front state and also establishing them with Colorado for 12 constant months. Proof the demonstrates evidence of intent, as mentioned by the residency statute, may include all the following:

Colorado driver’s license or precious Colorado ID because that 12 constant monthsColorado motor car registration for 12 constant monthsPermanent, full-time, off-campus employmentColorado voter registrationChange in permanent address on every pertinent recordsPayment of Colorado state earnings taxes together a Colorado residentWithholding the Colorado state taxes indigenous wagesOwnership the residential property in Colorado

You room expected to take it appropriate action on all factors relevant to your circumstances

Evidence of legitimate ties outside of Colorado during the domicile year that show residency in one more state may encompass the following:

Failure to record a Colorado state earnings tax returnFailure to have Colorado state income taxes withheld from her wagesFiling a Colorado state revenue tax return together a non-residentFailure to attain a Colorado driver’s license or Colorado IDMaintenance that a home in one more stateProlonged absence from ColoradoVehicle you operate is registered in an additional stateResiding in one more state between academic terms or once not enrolled together a studentAny various other factor unique to the individual which tends to suggest your long-term home and also legal residence is in one more state

Please note: In order come petition for residency a student must be taken into consideration a standard individual and eligible to develop domicile different from their parents. Typically speaking, a student’s residency is thought about to be their parents’ state that residence till they room 23 year of age, married, or a graduate college student with couple of exceptions. Refer to our qualified people page to find out more.

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The information contained in this website is taken into consideration to be basic guidance and also is no legal advice. Describe the State Statute to watch the yes, really law.